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3 Common Pests to Watch Out For This Fall

August 27, 2020

Although many Georgia homeowners see the summer and winter as the peak time for pests, we still have many critters to contend with in the fall. Many are left over from the summer or appear year-round, while others are specific to the fall. Contact us for an easy pest control service.

You likely already know the basics about ants, cockroaches, spiders, and mice. In this month's Pest Index, we've decided to highlight a few other common pests on the fall infestation scene, all of which can be controlled with the proper pest control plan. If you notice any of these critters around your home, call Breda Pest Management for comprehensive pest control with a lifetime guarantee.

1. Crane flies

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Often confused with mosquitoes, crane flies do not bite people or feed on blood, and in fact they will live for just a few days. They tend to populate lawns near wooded areas or open fields, as the adult females lay eggs in grass. The only damage they can do is right after they hatch, when their larvae eat grass crowns and roots and leave large brown patches on lawns. As adults, the flies are mostly just a nuisance, bumping into ceilings and light sources. But since they only live a few days, you may find foul-smelling piles of the insects on sidewalks and driveways.

2. Kudzu bugs and brown-marmorated stink bugs

breda offers pest extermination services in atlanta

These come from the stink bug family, so you'll want to vacuum them up rather than squish them to avoid the smell. What makes the kudzu bug unique is it is wider than your average stink bug, measuring up to a quarter-of-an-inch. It has a greenish-brown body and red eyes, and loves kudzu (hence its name), soybeans, and other legumes. While most common beginning in the fall, stink bugs can become a household nuisance at any time of the year, so it's good to recognize the differences between two of the more common ones.

Like kudzu bugs, the brown-marmorated stink bug travels in groups and emits a foul odor when squished or threatened. This pest, however, gets its name from its brown marbled or mottled coloring. It grows to about 5/8-of-an-inch and you can easily identify this bug by its antennae, which have white bands on them. Because these bugs are attracted to seasonal crops, you may find yourself with an infestation if you grow your own fruits and veggies in your yard.

3. Crickets

breda offers pest extermination in atlanta

Two of the most common crickets in Georgia are the camel cricket and the house cricket. Both types of crickets prefer shady, cave-like environments — which, for the average homeowner, may mean a basement or garage. However, they may also be found in kitchens, fireplaces, or in cracks and crevices and behind baseboard. Crickets can be recognized by their distinctive nighttime chirping, but the sound alone does not necessarily indicate an infestation. They prefer concealed places outdoors, so when they get indoors, it's often by accident. To reduce the risk of harboring crickets in your home this season, be sure to keep weeds, shrubs, wood piles and grass trimmings cleared away from your house's exterior.

Our team at Breda Pest Management handles all types of pests, from crane flies and crickets to mice and bats, and everything in between. If critters of any kind break into your home at any time, our team will get them out, clean up the mess, and seal up any new holes, with a lifelong guarantee on all our services. Call us today at 770-466-6700 to set up an appointment!