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Eliminating Pest Problems in Atlanta Since 1975

Looking for a dependable pest control company? BREDA Pest Management stands out with its rich history and strong family values. Established in 1975 by Rodger Breda in a modest garage setting, this 2nd-generation, family-owned business has expanded significantly, becoming one of the largest pest control companies in Georgia. With decades of experience serving the Metro Atlanta, GA area, BREDA Pest Management offers the expertise and personalized service you can trust.


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The BREDA Difference

What Makes BREDA Pest Management Different

Choosing the right pest control company is crucial, and at BREDA, we set ourselves apart with our commitment to innovation and excellence. As Rodger Breda states, "Our remarkable success is driven by our leadership in technology. We are unique in the industry as the only company using Infrared Cameras for all termite and wildlife inspections. Furthermore, we incorporate the advanced Termatrac T3i device in our termite inspections. Our ability to leverage these technologies is thanks to our highly skilled technicians, who have been part of the BREDA family for many years."

Termite Control

State of the Art Technology

We are the only company in the state of Georgia to use both infrared and Termatrac T3i technology to identify pests.

We use state-of-the-art hydraulic injections called Termidor to inject our termite barrier into the soil at 4000 PSI, a much more effective method than bait stations.


Your Home

We seal your property's foundation and roofline to prevent wildlife from returning.


Proactively Treating Your Yard

We treat your yard from March to October, tackling your mosquito problem before it can fully manifest.


Inspecting Intrusion Points

We go beyond exterior-only pest control (industry standard) and inspect your home's attic and garage, too. These are common points of pest intrusion in your home that are often overlooked by other pest control companies.


Looking Out for Your Children & Pets

We only spray pesticide on the cracks and crevices of your home, like under sinks, around windows and doors, and toilet and shower areas. This ensures there isn't any standing chemicals for children or pets to touch.


Your Home

Breda will disinfect and deodorize any waste left behind by the wildlife to give you back a clean, safe, and healthy environment for you and your family.

What Makes BREDA Pest Management Different
What Makes BREDA Pest Management Different
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Atlanta Pest Control - What to Expect


24/7/365 Answering

At BREDA Pest Management, we treat our clients like family. You can expect to speak with a live representative when you call to schedule your inspection, rather than an automated system.



Your consultation will be scheduled for a specific time - no "window" appointments here.



At BREDA Pest Management, our technicians will effectively address your pest, termite, mosquito, or wildlife problem, ensuring that you can enjoy a home free from bugs and critters!


Breda Guarantee

At BREDA Pest Management, our technicians will effectively address your pest, termite, mosquito, or wildlife problem, ensuring that you can enjoy a home free from bugs and critters!

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BREDA, The Official Pest Control of UGA Athletics

At BREDA Pest Management, we're proud to be the "Official Pest Control of UGA Athletics," a testament to our exceptional service and reliability. With a legacy of over 20 years in high school basketball coaching in Gwinnett County, our owners bring a deep understanding of the dedication and hard work that define athletic competition. This unique background equips us with the insight and commitment needed to provide top-tier pest management services. By choosing BREDA, you're partnering with a company that not only excels in its field but also values and supports the success of student-athletes.

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