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Family-owned since 1975

Breda services both interior and exterior each time for pest control. No shortcuts. Specific appointment times. No Window of arrival!

Breda Pest Management

Breda Pest Management is a 2nd generation, family owned termite and pest control company that has serviced the Metro-Atlanta, Ga area since 1975. Breda Pest Management was founded by Roger Breda in a garage with one employee and one customer. Several decades later, Breda has become one of the largest termite & pest control companies in the state of Georgia.

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You can't get better pest control in Atlanta. We have tried all of them. Breda is the best in the city. The technicians are always on time, friendly, on time and respectful of your house. Make the switch, customer service is great too.

Danny Herb

March 2018

Breda has provided my quarterly pest control service for years and I highly recommend them I have also had them perform some specific pest control services outside of my normal quarterly maintenance and have always found them to be reliable and extremely customer focused. The are just the BEST!

Linda Barkley

March 2018

The Bug Guys Blog

Don't Let Feeding Your Pet Become Feeding Your Pests

March 20 - We’ve all done it before; leaving the pet’s bowls out overnight because we are too lazy, or tired, to pick it up. Maybe you let your pets free feed, and always leave the bowls out. This could become a problem for you if it becomes a habit. In the eyes of a cockroach, leaving out pet...

Why You Need a Pest Control Professional

March 15 - If you see one or two roaches in your home you may just get rid of them and not think anything of it. However whenever you see one roach, you can almost be sure there are plenty more nearby, whether outside or hiding away in your home. An infestation of roaches, or any other bug, can cause...