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How Your Garage Can Become a Safe Haven For Pests

There might be more going on in your garage than you know. Some use their garage to protect their cars, others use it for storage. Regardless of what you use this space for, this halfway point between your house and the outdoors can be a new vacation home for all kinds of... read more

Employee Spotlight: Darrel Cunha

Meet Darrel Cunha, a salesman on the Breda Pest Management team for 18 years. A native of Livermore, CA, Darrel now resides in Suwanee. Learn more about Darrel and the fundamental part he plays in Breda's success. What Role Model Do You Admire and Why? John Wooden, legendary UCLA... read more

How to Get Rid of Those Stinky Stink Bugs

It’s almost stink bug season. As winter comes to an end, stink bugs are making their move. After a much needed winter hibernation, stink bugs are becoming quite active again in March and April, so you should expect to see them everywhere.   These not-so-cuddly creatures mean us... read more

How to Recognize the Five Cockroaches Common in Georgia

Cockroaches are one bug no one cares to see. Perhaps you’ve seen one scurrying about your kitchen counter when you turn on the lights. Or, maybe a cockroach scurried across your floor and under your baseboards never to be seen again. Regardless of where you have spotted the pesky... read more

The People Have Spoken, We Are the Best of Gwinnett!

Friends, I have exciting news!   It is with great honor and an extreme debt of gratitude that I announce Breda Pest Management has been selected and voted as Best Pest Control Company by the readers of the Gwinnett Magazine! This award joins a distinct shelf of other accolades,... read more

Identifying Spiders and Keeping Them Out of Your Home This Winter

Though warmer weather may be in it’s way, we all know how unpredictable the Georgia weather can be! With February and March sure to bring more cold days, this means homeowners are not out of the woods yet! Bothersome bugs will still be looking for refuge from the cold temperature- and... read more

Laptops, Gaming Consoles, and Roaches? Oh my!

How Your Electronics Could be Harboring Bugs With several weeks left of the winter season, it is important for households to continue to be aware of the steps they can take to prevent their home from becoming a safe-haven for pesky pests.   In this twenty-first century... read more