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Everyone in Georgia has had that unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito. You likely never felt the bite, but you surely see and feel that red, itchy bump. Mosquitoes are a very real problem in Georgia, but that doesn't mean you have to concede to them. We have several different types of mosquitoes in Georgia and each prefer different types of standing water to lay their eggs. Let BREDA Pest Management protect your yard and never worry with going outside again!

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What Separates BREDA's Mosquito Treatments?

Eliminating the adult mosquitoes from your yard is the easiest part of mosquito control. Finding and preventing that next generation of mosquito in your yard takes skill and expertise. Insect Growth Regulators are used in those areas of the yard where water is present. These IGR's stop the life cycle of the mosquito. The first three stages of a mosquitoes life cycle needs water. The egg, larvae and pupae all need water to get to that adult stage. What the IGR treatments do is prevent those undeveloped adult mosquitoes from laying more eggs. This is how BREDA achieves a mosquito free yard.

The best part about BREDA's mosquito service, if you're experiencing issues in your yard, we come back and treat at no charge! Nobody can control mother nature and rain, but you can control how responsive your mosquito company is if you're dealing with an influx of mosquitoes after a hard rain. That's what separates BREDA's mosquito service.

What To Expect


24/7/365 Answering

When you first call BREDA Pest Management, a live representative will provide a cost for treatment. If BREDA needs to come to your property to provide an exact cost, there is no charge for a site visit to go over specific questions and address any concerns.



Before BREDA initiates any treatment, an exact cost is always provided. In most instances, BREDA can provide an exact price over the phone. However, if BREDA does come out for a site visit to evaluate the scope of your yard and provide you with a quote, there is no charge for this visit. BREDA can initiate treatment right then and there if we have to perform a site visit to provide an exact cost.



The BREDA Pest Management mosquito program runs from March to October every year. This timeframe helps you stay ahead of the mosquito infestation and keeps your outdoors swarm-free. We make every effort to avoid treating flowering shrubs and trees so bees and other pollinating insects can perform their tasks unharmed.


Breda Pest Management Guarantee

If mosquitoes return to your property within 30 days of treatment, BREDA Pest Management will send a technician back to your property to retreat, at no cost to you. Noboby can control mother nature and rain, but we can control how responsive we are when you need us most!

How We
Treat Mosquitoes

Breda provides complete and comprehensive mosquito control. Mosquitoes can become a huge problem around your home and business, making it so you venture outside only when necessary. Stop avoiding the outdoors and get professional mosquito control assistance.

Start treatment before they are active

Leave the honeybees unharmed

No Contracts


Proactively Treating Your Yard

We treat your yard from March to October, tackling your mosquito problem before it can fully manifest.


Protecting Honeybees

We make every effort to avoid treating flowering shrubs and trees so bees and other pollinating insects can perform their tasks unharmed.


No Contractual Obligations

We apply this product to your property on a month-to-month basis, no contractual obligations.

How We Treat Mosquitoes
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Mosquito Facts

  • There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes. Luckily only 175 of them are found in the United States, and even fewer in Georgia. The three most common mosquitoes in the Atlanta area are Aedes, Culex, and Anopheles mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes feed on more than just you! Both male and female mosquitoes feed on fruit and plant nectar, but the females also need the protein found in your blood to help her eggs develop. So everytime you donate blood to these pests, you are helping them repopulate. The female mosquito will bite with her proboscis, a long, pointed mouth that sucks your blood. Once she acquires the blood, it's only a couple of days before her babies are on the way.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to humans for a variety of reasons. They can smell our breath, our sweat, and even perfume and skin lotions are intriguing to them.
  • They are drawn to us through the CO2 trails left from exhalation, and chemicals in our sweat. Keep in mind that wearing dark clothing can increase your chance of encountering mosquito attacks, because darker colors retain more heat, and can cause you to sweat more.
  • Mosquitoes also use heat sensors to detect us via our body heat. They can even sense the best capillaries from which to drink on our body using the temperature of our blood.

Mosquito Yard Treatment, Spraying, and Abatement near Atlanta, GA

By the time people call an exterminator or pest control company service, they are usually sick and tired of their mosquito problem. We have helped many Atlanta area homeowners enjoy sitting in their back yard again or hosting a summer cookout. Contact us for service.

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Mosquito Control Reviews on Google

“We have been using Breda for mosquito treatment in our yard for 2 years now, and it’s always been the best service, fairly priced, and effective. We recently added the indoor pest control for summer bugs and such. The exterminator, Billy who came to the house was incredibly professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable of why I was seeing certain bugs in the house. I am so grateful to be able to trust a company and their products in my home.”

Jacklyn Guzman

“Devon and Tyler were fantastic getting our home re-treated/updated for termite protection. They were here early, worked hard and left with a smile … and our place is cleaner than when they got here. Chris followed up to make sure we were satisfied - something you don’t find often these days. We use Breda for termite, rodent, pest and mosquitos and glad we made a switch from another big name company about 11 years ago. We’ve only had one instance where we needed extra help, and CEO personally called and made it right. Not to mention, they will send their mosquito crews back for a retreat if needed before the next scheduled one. I swear I do not work for them.”

Patrick Hanna

"Breda Pest Management has provided me Termite protection services for last 15 + years ( Windward in Alpharetta , GA and now in Cumming, GA). They are very professional, caring , trustworthy and provide valuable paste control services. I would recommend them without any hesitation to my friends and family members if you need Termite and /or other paste control services."

Dawn Burns

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