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The Home To-Do List: The Dining Room

March 24, 2021

breda offers pest management in atlanta

It's been said that the kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the dining room is where great food memories are made. Your dining room should be a comfortable space for you to eat, catch up, and relax. So today we're going through how to pest-proof the dining room, so you can keep it that way.

Dining room pests

Anywhere we're eating, German roaches are going to be a common household pest, but especially now. We're seeing higher cockroach activity this month, since these critters are affected by both temperature and humidity. On top of that, more than ever, we're buying groceries in bulk and eating in. By accumulating more trash, many of us are unintentionally creating the perfect habitat for cockroaches.

Other common dining room pests include bugs like stinkbugs, ants, and silverfish. Termites also love damp areas and cracks along baseboards.

Pest-proofing the dining room

No need to stop buying groceries in bulk — just store them securely in the kitchen, and make a few adjustments to your cleaning process.

The first step is to find pests' hiding places. Roaches tend to settle in cracks around, inside and beneath cabinets, drawers, pipes, tables and chairs. Anywhere there's a small gap, you'll want to ensure it's sealed and clear of clutter where the bugs can hide. Roaches also thrive near water sources and love the warmth of appliances, so it will help to keep areas around baseboards or under the table clear and dry. Keep up with a routine of sweeping or vacuuming under the table and anywhere crumbs or spills might build up. Read the full guide to protecting your home from cockroaches here.

To make your dining room less appealing to all pests, remove piled up newspapers, junk mail, and old cardboard boxes. Store off-season clothing and supplies in plastic bins, and take your dry goods out of their boxes and store them in containers with tight-fitting lids. Finally, seal up cracks and vents where the pests could be getting in and set up some sticky traps nearby.

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