• The T3i allows us to capture site data for on or off site analysis

  • The use of fewer chemicals results in a positive environmental benefit

  • Detects movement in or behind most any surface (granite, concrete, marble)

  • Detects just one termite

  • Detects any change in moisture across surfaces

  • Any slight increase or decrease in moisture is immediately shown.

  • Detects the slightest change in surface temperature

Termatrac’s patented technology emits a specific microwave signal that penetrates most building materials. If this microwave signal is interrupted by termite or other insect pest activity, the liquid crystal display will alert the pest inspection professional. This information will assist our trained professional in:

  • Tracking the extent of their activity without disturbances

  • Non-destructively locating termites

  • Determining the extent of an infestation

  • Determining the most suitable treatment procedure

  • Facilitating post-treatment confirmation of effectiveness

  • Tracking termite entry points

  • Allow for precise treatments

  • Eliminating the need for post inspection repairs

  • Capture data that can be used for inspection history, site follow-up and review, and reporting