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Signs of a Termite Infestation in Georgia Homes

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Termites are a major threat to homes across Georgia, but catching an infestation early is critical to protecting your property. Many homeowners fail to recognize the early signs of termites, allowing populations to grow and extensive damage to occur before calling an exterminator. Identifying the common indicators of termites can help Georgia homeowners address infestations proactively.

Some of the most common signs of termites in Georgia homes include:

Swarming - Seeing winged termites swarming within your home during the early spring or fall is a key warning sign. Swarmers are reproductive termites that break off to form new nests. Their presence likely indicates an existing termite colony nearby.

Mud Tubes - Termites build narrow mud tubes along the edges of walls and foundations to travel unseen between their nest and food sources. Keep an eye out for these ridged, grainy tubes to detect activity.

Hollow Wood - Tapping exposed wood around the home can reveal buried termite damage. Infested wood often sounds hollow or crumbly compared to healthy wood.

Piles of Wings - Piles of discarded termite wings may accumulate around infestation points or near windows after swarming events. The sight of these small, fragile wings is an obvious clue.

If you observe any of these signs within your Georgia property, call the professionals at Breda Pest Management to inspect for termites right away. Catching an infestation early allows for more effective elimination before substantial damage requires expensive repairs. Acting quickly at the first signs of termites can save you thousands down the road!