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Termatrac Technology, and Why It's Termites' Worst Nightmare

Termites are much more than a simple inconvenience to homeowners. Every year, across the United States, termites cause billions of dollars in damage to people's homes. Because termites thrive in warm, wet climates, homeowners in Georgia and other southeastern states are at even higher risk for a severe infestation.

Luckily, there are ways homeowners can protect themselves. One of the first steps is to identify that an infestation exists by looking for tell-tale warning signs. Once you know an infestation exists, there are also steps you can personally take to eliminate it, but ultimately you'll need to call an exterminator to be sure that the threat is gone for good.

A professional will be able to accurately identify a termite infestation, exterminate the colony, repair the damage done, and, most importantly, keep your home protected in the future. The most qualified professionals will also have access to the best detection tool on the market: Termatrac technology.

The Termatrac T3i is the world's number one termite detection device. It is completely non-intrusive, and uses three core technologies to identify potential infestations: radar, thermal, and moisture-sensing. Because it can measure all three of the primary termite-identification factors at once, exterminators can identify and eliminate an infestation more effectively than ever.

Termites don't stand a chance.

Components of the Termatrac T3i

1) Detection Radar

The first component of the Termatrac T3i is the Termite Detection Radar. This radar is the first and only device on the market that can correctly locate termites without the need for penetration of building structures. The detection technology is also startlingly effective: it can detect termites through several types of materials, even thicker ones like brick and concrete.

Because the device finds termites without disturbing them, they do not retreat to other areas, and can thus be more easily located. In addition to making the exterminator's job easier, Termatrac's non-intrusive operation also prevents termites in the contact area from spreading to other areas of the house.

Because the device can find the termites' exact location, the Termatrac T3i also allows exterminators to use less chemicals in the extermination process, resulting in more efficient extermination procedures. The data gathered can even be saved for further analysis.

2) Thermal Sensor

The second core component of the Termatrac T3i is the Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide, which detects heat sources generated by termites without the need for direct contact with the surface of the home. This thermal sensor allows the device to scan large surfaces quickly, so a specialist can scan your entire home and find the problem fast.

The thermal sensor can also be used to locate the points of entry used by the termites, which can then be repaired or otherwise plugged. Like the radar, the data from the thermal sensor can also be stored on the device, and will be automatically transferred to cloud storage.

3) Moisture Sensor

The final component is the Moisture Sensor, which identifies areas of concentrated moisture within different surfaces of a home. While it can detect moisture within the walls and floors, it leaves no marks upon use, so a professional can locate a termite colony without causing any unnecessary damage to your home.

As with the radar and thermal sensor, after use, the data from the moisture sensor can then be logged for future reference.

Benefits of Termatrac Technology

Non-intrusive: Termatrac's radar technology is non-intrusive, helping you protect your home from termite damage without causing damage in the process. It can detect termite colonies through walls and other surfaces without any physical penetration of the structure.

Accuracy: Because it takes the three biggest signs of infestation into account, the device is extremely accurate. The T3i's patented revolutionary technology eliminates guesswork, and Termatrac continues to remain a leader in the industry because it is the most effective method of termite detection.

Safety: Termatrac's Detection Radar complies with all relevant safety standards, and emits fewer microwaves than a cell-phone. Its high level of safety has led to its adoption by thousands of organizations all over the world, especially in countries such as Australia, France, and Japan.

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