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How To Deal With A Bat Infestation

When you're thinking about pest protection for your home, many people forget about bats. These small nocturnal fliers are mammals that eat bugs, including mosquitoes. But much like spiders, there's a time and a place for them - and in your house isn't it! Let's take a look at bats, where you can find them, and how to get them out of your home.

About Bats

Bats are small nocturnal mammals that have wings and use sonar, better known as echolocation, to find their prey in the dark. They can live on their own with a few other bats, or in a colony that can include up to over 100 bats. They tend to congregate where they'll find prey insects, so lights or bodies of water are where bats will call home. Bats are somewhat unusual in that they both migrate and hibernate during the winter months. Though bats can carry rabies, it's rare for them to do so. Their avoidance of humans makes them an unlikely host for the disease. They can cause light damage as they chew to enlarge entrance holes to a nest and can spread some microbes that are bad for the human respiratory system in their feces. Be careful and wear a respirator if cleaning up after bats in your home.

Where to Find Them

Bats tend to prefer areas where they're away from humans. However, they're opportunistic in that they use spaces around the home that don't receive a lot of traffic. Attics, a wall cavity or other dark areas are some of bats' favorite places to nest. If you've seen bats around the exterior of your home or have signs of them inside the home, pay attention near dusk. If you see them enter or leave the nest—you'll know where the problem lies.

How to Get Rid of Them

It can be difficult to get rid of a bat infestation, as bats can squeeze through an area as small as 3/8", smaller than the access point for a mouse. If you want to keep the insect-eating benefits of the bats without infestation problems in your home, consider installing a bat box outside your home. Much like a bird house, a bat box provides a safe place for the bats to sleep. For bad infestations, request a free consultation with Breda Pest Management.