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Bat Control

Bats are rarely aggressive, even if they're being chased, but they may bite in self-defense if handled. As with any wild animal, bats should never be touched with bare hands. Only one-half of one percent of bats carry rabies. Bats may roost in attics, soffits, louvers, chimneys and porches; under siding, eaves, roof tiles or shingles; and behind shutters. The existence of roosting bats is sometimes indicated by the presence of black or brain stains from body oils or droppings (often called guano). Bat control is not a do-it-yourself project. If you are seeing signs of bats or seeing bats fly around your home in the evening, or have any other wildlife pest control needs, call us at Breda.

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The Breda Solution

The sooner Breda can get to work fixing the problem, the less costly and dangerous it will be in the long run. When Breda treats the house, we will be able to conduct a full inspection of the premises and identify any gaps where bats might be getting in.

Protected Young Bats

Unfortunately, young bats are protected by law and cannot be forcibly removed until they can leave of their own accord, meaning that the exclusion process can't begin in full until the bats reach maturity. However, once the young bats are able to leave, Breda can install special bat netting that allows mature bats to leave the house but not get back inside. This humane solution ensures that the bats themselves are not harmed while simultaneously getting the bats out of the house and into the surrounding areas where they can continue hunting bugs.

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Cleaning & Re-Sealing
Your Home

After all bats have vacated the home, Breda will also be able to effectively clean the infested area of any hazardous waste using specialized equipment, then re-seal any holes to ensure bats won't be a problem in the future. They can also perform regular checkups to ensure the continued safety and defense of the home.

Breda's Process & Warranty

Breda will seal up all entry points high and low, preventing bats from entering your home. Here at Breda Pest Management, we offer a comprehensive renewable lifetime warranty on our wildlife exclusion services to keep critters out of your home.

Unfortunately, even if the original hole is sealed with galvanized steel, rodents can always chew a new entry point through your walls. Most companies only offer warranties on the spots that they seal. Breda's wildlife exclusion service comes with a comprehensive lifelong warranty on any wildlife activity in your home.

If critters of any kind break into your home, Breda will get them out, clean up the mess, and seal up any new holes with no extra charge to you.