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Identifying Common Spiders in Georgia

September 06, 2018

No one likes spiders. They have too many legs, move too fast, and walking through their webs can be traumatic. Luckily other than minor inconvenience and loss of peace of mind, most spiders are harmless.

In Georgia there are 38 known species of spiders, and only two of them are harmful; the brown recluse and the black widow.

The Rare and Deadly

The Black Widow
The black widow spiders are easily distinguishable from other spiders because of the distinct red marking on their back, along with their jet-black coating. The black widow spider also has the largest webs of all the web-spinning spiders. You can find black widow spiders in dark places like sheds, garages, basements, crawl spaces, and in piles of wood or other debris.

The Brown Recluse
The brown recluse spider is a little more difficult to identify because it looks so similar to many other types of more common, and less harmful spiders. When trying to identify a brown recluse you should look for the violin shaped pattern on the back of it's head, leading into its body. Most spiders have 8 eyes, but the brown recluse has 6.

The Common and Harmless

Out of the 38 known species of spider on Georgia, there are a few that are more common than others.

Some of the most common spiders in Georgia are the wolf spider, the crevice spider, and the common house spider.

The Wolf Spider
Wolf spiders are large, hairy, and have a striped pattern on their back that makes them distinguishable. They also have a line of 4 small eyes underneath their 4 larger ones. They are usually found outside, but may find their way indoors when it is troubling weather. They are able to climb and swim, and can carry their young on their back.

The Crevice Spider
Crevice spiders are also known as the southern house spider. They are commonly mistaken for the brown recluse because of its color and shape, but are far less harmful. They are commonly found hidden away in dark places like window sills, shutters and overhangs. During the day they hide in their chosen crevice, and during night they will come out and sit on their web to catch food.

The Common House Spider
The common house spider is yellow and brown, with legs that are decorated with dark rings. The abdomen is rather large and has chevron-like marking atop it. Speaking true to their name, they are the most common spider to find indoors. To catch prey they leave their webs scatter amongst the house and search amongst them for any caught insects.

Having spiders in your home is unsettling and undesirable, but they might actually be doing you a favor by catching and eating other bugs that would normally be infesting your home.

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Photos from spiderid.com