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Eradicate Rats with These Simple Tips

Most homeowners, no matter how much they love animals, do not like to co-exist with rats. This is particularly true with varmints, whose bodies (not counting the tail) can be as large as a foot long. Varmint's favorite activities include burrowing, eating your food and making more rats.

Rats carry disease, spoil food and spread dirt and droppings. That's why at Breda Pest Control, we do more than get rid of the rats that have already infiltrated your home and yard. We seal up all of the entry points in your home to prevent further rat (and mice) visitors. If you don't have rats or if you've gotten rid of them, there are steps you can take to help keep them away.

Take Away Their Sources of Food

Rats are curious creatures. When they come out from hiding at night to forage for food, they are attracted to open dumpsters and garbage cans. That's why it's important to keep all garbage and recycling containers tightly closed. If you store large bags of pet food in your garage, it's best to put these in sealed containers. Speaking of pet food, don't leave your pets' dishes on the floor unattended. Once they've finished eating, take up the dishes. Even a few bites of food left in the dish can attract a hungry rodent. Rats particularly like cereal, grains, nuts and seeds. Therefore, make sure that any boxes and containers in your cabinets with these foods (or any food, for that matter) are tightly closed. Once you open a box, it may be best to place the remainder of the contents in a sealed container. If you have a bird feeder, get a squirrel guard for it.

Get Rid of Potential Rat Homes

Your yard and the area surrounding your house may be a haven for rats without your even realizing it. They like to hide out during the day, so don't give them a place to do it near your house.

  • If you have piles of firewood and extra boards, keep these at least a foot above the ground.
  • If you have weeds or piles of leaves or rubbish, remove them.
  • If you have dogs, don't leave their waste in the yard.

Close Up Entry Points

This is a task best left to an experienced pest control company. The pest control professionals at Breda know where to look for potential rat entry points in your home and how to seal them up for good.

Leave Rat Removal to the Professionals

It's easy to find all sorts of rodent and other unwanted wildlife extermination and removal products at any home improvement store. However, implementing them safely and effectively is difficult. Besides, do you really want to deal with rodent bodies? Whether you want to prevent a rat infestation, suspect that you may have one, or have actually seen them, call the pest control experts at Breda Pest Control for a free consultation. Our results are guaranteed for a lifetime.