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Creepy Crawlers: These Bugs Love to Infest Your Home During the Winter

With summer now a distant memory, many think insect problems are over for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Though it's much more common to associate small rodents with winter pests, there are a number of insect pests to remain on watch for when the winter winds are nipping at your nose. Much like rodents (who move indoors for warmer, more comfortable environment for the winter), insects migrate towards warm places (like your home or business) during the winter. Here are some common pests to watch out for during the winter:


When there's a lack of prey outside of the home (i.e. during winter months), spiders move into your home in pursuit of other insect pests. Arachnids are not only creepy, they're also venomous in some cases. If you get bitten by a spider such as the black widow or the brown recluse, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some species of spiders spin webs and wait for prey to land in the web while others actively hunt and stalk their prey. They can cause significant health problems and can even endanger your life if left untreated. Their long legs allow them to step over traps and poisons, making them harder to eliminate. Even though you may not spot the spiders themselves, a presence of webs in your house is a sign that you may have a spider infestation. Be diligent in taking down webs. If a spider has nowhere to live, then it will hopefully move out.

Wood-Dwelling Insects

If you run a wood stove or fireplace during the winter, keep that firewood outside until it's needed. Store it off the ground on plastic. When wood starts to deteriorate, it becomes home to any number of wood-dwelling insects, including ants, box elder borers, termites and stinkbugs. Termites especially can cause significant structural problems in your home. A termite colony can eat through a 2x4 in as little as six months. Some species of termite can eat faster, causing even more damage. If you store firewood outside year-round, cover it with black or clear plastic. This will raise the temperature and will help kill off any insect pests hoping to hitch a ride into your home.


Cockroaches are particularly problematic to your health. Cockroaches can carry diseases, contaminate your food and lurk in large numbers in the dark areas of your home. They can also release proteins that some humans can react negatively to, especially those who suffer from asthma. They also produce allergens from their fecal matter and their exoskeletons that they shed. When they're allowed to gain a foothold in your house, they can become a serious problem. They're also very good at hiding from sprays, and contact poisons only kill the ones that you can see.

Now that you know what kinds of insects can infest your home over the winter, it's time to take action. If you need help eliminating unwanted winter pests, please contact Breda Pest Management today to schedule an appointment.