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Bat Hazards: What Happens When Bats Nest in Your Home

Having bats in your home can cause a lot of stress for you and your loved ones. Because there are so many misconceptions about bats, they seem much more terrifying than they really are. However, it is important to know the risks of having a bat in your home—as they can carry disease and cause damage to your house. Here are some facts about bats and reasons why you need to get them out of your home.

Bat Habitation

Bats are small furry mammals with wings. Primarily insectivores, they don't prey on people or animals. They typically avoid people and will roost in compact areas that are dark most of the time (such as attics and caves). Though bat boxes have become a very common solution home insect control, bat boxes don't remove bats that are already roosting in your home. As creatures of habit, bats won't move their roosting site until they must.

Risk of Disease

As stated above, there is a risk of disease associated with bats. Because bats are such nimble fliers, they're great at getting away from curious or frightened humans -- but only when they're well. Most human diseases contracted from bats occur when a sick bat is handled incorrectly. At that point, the frightened, weak bat may bite and pass on rabies, among other diseases. There is also a danger of contracting histoplasmosis, a fungal infection, from bat droppings. If you're cleaning up after an infestation, makes sure you wear a dust mask. Spray the droppings down moderately with a 10 percent bleach solution first to prevent the spores from spreading and being picked up in your respiratory tract.

Removal by Professionals

It's best to leave bat removal to the professionals because there are many issues involved that could make problems worse. For example, closing up entrances at night at the wrong time of year can cause young bats that are unable to fly to get stuck. Without the nutrition they need to survive, you end up with dead bats… and more health risks.

If you have a bat problem, the trained pest removal specialists at Breda Pest are ready to help. Request a consultation today to schedule a visit to get rid of the bats in your home.