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Atlanta Rodent Control: What's That Sound?

It starts like something out of a horror movie. You climb into bed, tired from the day's activities, close your eyes, and try to drift to sleep. Just as you're about to enter dreamland, you hear a scratching sound coming from your ceiling. You try to ignore it and sleep thinking it must be in your head, but the scratching sound doesn't stop. Your mind begins to race as you ponder just what--or who--might be living in your house besides your family.

Exhausted, you decide to investigate and find that a colony of rodents have taken up residence in your attic. It's time to call Breda Pest Management for rodent control and exclusion. As the temperatures drop, rodents such as field mice and squirrels seek shelter. Cartoons lead us to believe these furry woodland creatures love knotholes in trees, but these critters actually love the comforts of a home. Your home. Much to your dismay. Squirrels and other rodents in the attic, not to mention bats, will wreak havoc on your home. They chew through insulation which can release insulation fibers into your home's air system. They will also destroy wood: flooring, crossbeams, eaves, you name it; squirrels will chew it.

In older homes where electrical wiring may not be up to current code, squirrels and rodents will chew through the wires, creating a greater risk of house fires. Taking care of rodents and squirrels in your attic and crawlspaces is of utmost importance, not just for your family's health, but for your home's protection. Breda Pest Management uses snap traps inside your home and special patio stones with rodenticide outside. They will check in and monitor your home to remove traps and add bait as needed. For squirrels, Breda Pest uses the most advanced control technology in the industry: Trap-Alert. Trap-Alert uses GPS and wireless monitoring to alert technicians about squirrels trapped in your home so that they can be released back into the wild. Taking care of the rodents and squirrels inside your home is only one aspect of rodent control. Since rodents can enter your home through gaps as small in diameter as only one-half inch, it's important to find all points of entry and seal them off. The team at Breda Pest Management are trained in exclusion, which is the best way to keep squirrels and rodents from destroying your investment. After removing any rodents who may be living inside your home, Breda Pest's highly trained technicians will locate and seal off all points of entry without compromising your home's aesthetics. Breda Pest Management's expert technicians are available to treat homes and businesses in areas including Atlanta, GA, Marietta, GA, Alpharetta, GA and Roswell, GA. Schedule a free consultation today and learn why we're your wildlife control experts.