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10 Things You Didn't Know About Mice

Rodents are cute from afar, but they aren't quite as adorable once they decide to move into your home. How much do you really know about mice? Here are ten things you didn't know about these furry pests so you know why you may need our rodent control pest extermination services.

1. They Love Atlanta

There are a lot of rodents living in Atlanta. In fact, for every person living in the city, there's one mouse. The only city with more rodents per person is New York City.

2. They Can't Sweat

While these animals have some amazing adaptations that help them survive, there are still some things they can't do. Unlike people, mice don't have sweat glands and are unable to sweat. They can die at temperatures of around 99°F, so they aren't big fans of Atlanta's hot summers.

3. They Can't Vomit

Surprisingly, these rodents also aren't able to vomit. This is because their stomach is divided into two sections by a limiting ridge. This means that when a mouse eats something toxic—like bait—it has no way to expel the substance from its body.

4. They'll Eat Almost Anything

These critters prefer to nibble on cereal grains and seeds, but if these foods aren't available, they aren't too picky. They'll eat anything they can find in your home, including things like meat and candy. If necessary, they'll even eat each other.

5. They Don't Need Much Water

When these small rodents have access to water, they'll drink between three and nine milliliters per day, which isn't very much. However, if no water is available, these expert survivalists will be just fine. They can fulfill their water needs from the food they eat.

6. They Spread Dangerous Diseases

While these animals are cute and furry, they're not as harmless as they look. These critters can spread many dangerous diseases. Mouse urine or droppings can spread hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (a serious respiratory disease) or leptospirosis (a bacterial infection that has flu-like symptoms).

7. They Can Fit Through Tiny Openings

Mice are small creatures, but they can fit through openings that seem impossibly small when compared to their body size. An adult mouse can fit through a gap the size of a nickel! To keep rodents outdoors where they belong, Breda Pest Management finds and seals these openings.

8. They Multiply Quickly

These rodents breed very quickly. A litter can contain as many as 14 babies, and a female mouse can have as many as 10 litters per year.

9. They're Athletes

These rodents may not look very impressive, but they actually have incredible physical abilities. These talented tightrope walkers can easily run across electrical lines and cables, which is one way they may enter your home. They can also run up some vertical surfaces, like shingles or bricks.

10. They Prefer to Hide From People

Like other types of critters, mice don't want human interaction. During the day, they hide in isolated parts of your home. At night, they come out of their hiding places and look for food. They're easily scared by strange noises, so they may hide when they hear you coming. To spot these animals in your home, wait for the sun to set and try to be as quiet as possible.

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