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Lawn Mole Removal in Atlanta

Lawn mole pest removal in Atlanta, GA

Pest Control for Moles

Moles are subterranean mammals that cause damage to lawns, gardens, and paved or brick pathways. They build complex tunnel systems, often large enough to extend far outside your lawn, potentially causing damage to neighboring lots as well. Thanks to their elusiveness, mole removal can be a very difficult task. Breda Pest Management is an industry leader in mole control for Atlanta homeowners. You can trust us to deploy the most effective and efficient mole removal service in Georgia.

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How to Remove Moles from Your Property

Moles are some of the most secretive pests you could have. As burrowing rodents, moles spend the vast majority of their time underground and very rarely show themselves. The best way to tell if you have moles burrowing beneath your lawn or garden is to (a) look for raised ground caused by shallow tunneling or (b) find an entrance to their tunnel.

Most Effective Mole Traps

The most effective mole trapping method is to use spring-loaded prong or choker-loop traps along the mole's tunnel or above a tunnel entrance. When a mole pushes up against the spring-loaded trap, the trap is activated.

There are all sorts of different traps and variations in trapping methods, but the most effective solution is to hire experienced mole trapping professionals. DIY solutions like chemicals, poisons, and online home remedies do not work and only leave more time for the moles to become a bigger, more expensive problem.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a mole burrow look like?

The volcano-shaped mounds at the entrance of mole burrows are often confused with gopher mounds. The difference is gopher mounds have plugged entrances and tend to be crescent-shaped, while mole mounds are more circular and the entrance tends to be open.

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard?

Hiring professional mole trappers is always the fastest way to rid your yard of moles. Don't waste your time trying ineffective DIY solutions while the problem gets worse.

How much does it cost for mole control?

The national average cost for professional mole extermination is between $170 - $500, depending on the scale of the infestation.

Lawn Mole Removal near Atlanta, Georgia

Moles (sometimes colloquially called yard moles or garden moles) are a unique pest control challenge. Many clients come to us after trying home solutions regarding mole trapping and extermination. Often there's no substitute for an experienced pest control service. Contact us today.

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Lawn Mole Removal Reviews on Google

“We used 3 other companies before switching to Breda. They were unable to meet the impeccable customer service, the competence, and the professional service that Breda offers. We now have every service provided by Breda--pest service, wildlife, termites, mosquitoes, voles/moles, wasps/bees, and ants.”

Dana Asmara Morningstar

“Caleb and Little Mike came out and accessed the issue and explained the course of treatment to get rid of moles and chipmunks. They were very professional and followed through on their strategy. Once they completed the task, they made sure the area was cleared and clean. Thank you BREDA Pest Management.”

Ivan Mullins

“Great company all around. Punctual, professional and courteous during the inspection and installation of critter barriers for our attic area. Follow up was just as great. Yes, their prices may seem a bit higher vs. other pest management companies in regards to trapping, removal and installing barriers to deter wildlife from entering the attic area but you absolutely get what you pay for. The price difference was only about <5 % more but the materials they use is superior in quality and thickness and they include a lifetime coverage warranty incase we need to call them again due to another intrusion. Highly, highly recommended!”

Andy Ng

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