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Brown Widow Spider

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Brown Widow Spider Information

The Brown Widow Spider can be found in various regions throughout the southern and western United States, including Loganville, Georgia. It is a medium-sized spider scientifically known as Latrodectus geometricus, measuring between 1 ½ to 2 inches in length. Unlike the Black Widow Spider, the Brown Widow Spider has a coloration that ranges from tan to brown or gray and features a distinct red "hourglass" mark on its abdomen, which warns predators of its venomous nature.

More about Brown Widow Spiders

These spiders thrive in warm and tropical regions and are commonly found in gardens, outdoor structures, abandoned buildings, and cluttered areas like basements and garages. They are active at night and create irregular and messy webs near the ground level to trap unsuspecting prey, consisting of insects like mosquitoes, flies, and other small arthropods.

Like Black Widow Spiders, Brown Widow Spiders possess venom used to incapacitate their prey. Although their venom is potent, the bite of a Brown Widow Spider is typically less severe than that of a Black Widow Spider. However, individuals who are sensitive or have underlying health conditions may experience more severe symptoms.

If bitten by a Brown Widow Spider, common symptoms may include localized pain, redness, swelling, and a small blister at the bite site. In some cases, individuals may experience muscle pain, cramps, nausea, and headaches. It is essential to seek medical attention if bitten, especially if severe symptoms are experienced or if the individual belongs to a high-risk category.

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