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The Home To-Do List: Windows & Doors

April 19, 2021

Today's question comes from Scott Slade on WSB 95.5: I keep finding droppings I can't identify on my windowsills. What do I do?

Some signs of mice and cockroaches are surprisingly similar, and both of them may leave droppings by the windows. If you know you have a pest in your home but aren't sure what you're dealing with, start by scheduling a consultation. You can also check where we are on the Pest Index and what pests you should be addressing for your home.

But if you're pretty sure of the culprit and you'd like to try to fix the issue yourself first, there are a few steps you can take on your own. Read on for the checklist!
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Check Your Window Screens

Older window screens start to tear over time, letting in small bugs and even mice, which can fit through openings as small as 1/4 inch.

Consider Weatherstripping

Screens alone also won't keep out every bug. Even if it doesn't look like it, it's likely that there are gaps between your door and doorframe or your window and window frame. Some doors and windows are already fitted with weather stripping, a device that seals gaps by attaching to the edges of the frame. But, even if you already have weatherstripping, it may wear away over time, and need replacement, since worn weather stripping gives bugs a passage into your home.

Look Into Door Sweeps

A door sweep is also a great option to add to the bottom of your door. Door sweeps provide a barricade against bugs and other pests while also allowing air to pass through it, so you maintain the air quality of your home.

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