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Georgia Pest Watch: October Edition

October 15, 2020

rodent extermination solutions in atlanta

There's so much to love about October in Georgia. The temperatures are more bearable, the leaves are changing, and we're on the cusp of holiday celebrations. "Cozy" is the general vibe of this month and many of us embrace that by spending more time in our homes, cuddled up with our favorite people and seasonal treats.

You may not be the only one huddled up in your home. Not to get spooky (even though it IS the season…) but as the weather changes, many of the pests living outside will suddenly want to call your house their home. This October, Breda Pest Management wants to share which pests Atlanta area homeowners should be looking out for and what they can do to help prevent having unwanted guests.

Rodent pests — squirrels, rats, mice

Rats and mice are pests that many metro Atlanta homeowners and business owners might think of when considering invading critters, but squirrels might be a surprising addition to that list. Gray squirrels and flying squirrels build their nests (called dreys) high up in trees. As temperatures drop, these animals will seek out warmer places to hunker down and ride out the winter. As you can imagine, this hunkering involves a lot of destruction to your property.

What to do:

  • Check your home or business for exterior and/or interior damage.

  • Keep an eye out for droppings of any kind.

  • Take note of any foul odor and try to find the source immediately.

  • Regularly check your attic or crawlspace for signs of nesting: piles of leaves, twigs, chewed up insulation, or other outdoor materials.

  • Look for any discolored areas on your home or business siding, as these could be smears left by the grease on rat and mice fur.

  • Keep track of sounds of rodent activity—squirrels aren't nocturnal while rats and mice can be.

  • For more in-depth information on squirrels, click here, and for rats and mice, click here.

If you find yourself needing rodent wildlife control services, don't hesitate to contact us!

Overwintering Bugs — stink bugs, lady beetles (there is a difference between ladybugs or lady birds and lady beetles), wasps, and box elder bugs

When the temperatures fall into the 40s in Georgia, many bugs will "overwinter," meaning they shut their bodies down (called diapause) until they can hit the play button in the spring or on a warm winter day. Where do bugs like to overwinter? You guessed it: warm indoor places, exactly like your cozy home or business. Some bugs that commonly overwinter in Georgia are stink bugs, lady beetles, wasps, and box elder bugs. Have you ever seen one random bug in your home and wondered where it came from? Chances are it's a bug that was overwintering but woke up too soon and is now trying to find a way out.

What to do:

  • Seal off any possible entry points inside your home, like windows, doors, baseboards, and utilities entry points. On the exterior, check your roof and siding for any loose spots or openings, and check your HVAC unit regularly for signs of infestation.

  • Keep your home or business clean—inside and out—to not tempt any potential invading insects with scents or tastes of food. Don't let outdoor lawn debris stay piled up for long and cover any firewood stacks.

  • Check your home or business for any leaking water sources. Bugs are attracted to water just as much as food!

  • For more in-depth information on keeping bugs out of your home this winter, click here.

If you follow these tips and still find yourself battling unwelcome pests this October, Breda Pest Management is ready to help. Our goal is to not only rid your home of pests and bugs but to keep them out. The Breda Guarantee promises to fix the problem and keep it fixed—no matter the circumstances. Schedule a consultation online or give us a call at 770-466-6700.