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Georgia Pest Watch: February

February 01, 2021

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Are you ready for spring? While the winter months are always a welcome break from the Georgia heat, everyone gets to a point where they want to be able to spend more time outside in the fresh air and sun. While there aren't annoying pests like flies or mosquitos to deal with yet, there are still some pests you need to keep an eye out for this month that are annoying and damaging.


Winter is breeding time for squirrels in Georgia, and this month you will start seeing tiny Eastern grey squirrels and Southern flying squirrels popping up. Yes, they're cute, but they could also spell big trouble for your home. With temperatures still staying fairly cold this month, squirrels and their young will seek out warmth and food wherever they can find it. If you haven't already this winter, make sure to check the exterior of your home for any gaps or holes that might serve as entry points.

What to do:

  • Make sure that trees near your home's roofline are properly trimmed..

  • Make sure to check the roof, attic, and soffit areas for any potential points of entry, as well as any existing holes or cracks that squirrels might get to.

  • Sprinkle hot sauce or chili powder in any area of the house where it looks like a squirrel might have attempted entry.

  • Fasten a 1⁄4-inch wire hardware cloth over attic vents to prevent entry.

Want to do everything you can to keep squirrels out of your home? Click here for our guide on how to protect your attic from squirrels and click here for our guide on defending your home from squirrels.

Fire Ants

While not an active threat in February, fire ants will rear their ugly heads before you know it. Get a few steps ahead of these pests by treating your yard with TopChoice granules this month, as the granules take six weeks to fully activate. Once activated, Georgia homeowners can expect to enjoy a full year of fire ant protection. Not a bad deal!

For more information on fire ants and other ants you might deal with in Georgia, click here to read our guide.

We also offer ant removal services if you need it.

Pests In Hiding

Feeling the itch to get your home cleaned and ready for spring? As you get your home in order, there are a few places you should keep an extra eye out for unwanted pests, especially in your home's garage and attic.

What to do:

  • Make sure you don't use shelving units that sit directly on the ground, as mice, roaches, and brown recluse spiders love to hunker down under them.

  • Don't stack boxes or paper products directly on the floor in your garage, basement, or attic. Roaches and mice love to use these materials for food and shelter.

  • Check for droppings around your furnace while you're changing your filter and look for burrows in your insulation. Both these clues could indicate a rat infestation.

If you find yourself needing pest control and want it handled thoroughly, don't hesitate to give us a call. The Breda Guarantee promises to fix your pest problem and keep it fixed—no matter the circumstances. Schedule a consultation online or give us a call at 770-466-6700.