a close-up of a spider web

Ask BREDA - Don’t Let Spiders Spook You This Fall

October 01, 2022

Should Georgia homeowners fear spiders?

We love providing Metro Atlanta homeowners with superior pest control service and top-notch information on how to combat common insects and critters in Georgia. But we also know that sometimes you just have a random question you'd love a quick answer for.

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This month, we received these questions:

Question: Should we really be so afraid of spiders?

Spiders are just an easy target for our fear. They tend to hide out in the most jump-scare-inducing places, their webs strike at the worst times, and some of them even bite and jump. No wonder they are a staple for Halloween terror! However, spiders are actually more our friend than our foe. Most spiders don't want anything to do with humans and will do just about anything they can to avoid us. Spiders are also potentially saving your life, as they love chowing down on mosquitoes, which tend to carry lots of serious diseases. In addition to mosquitoes, spiders are also great pest control in the garden!

If you really are wanting to avoid real spiders this spooky season (and beyond), make sure you keep your house as inhospitable to them as possible. Remove spider webs as soon as you find them, keep all surfaces in your home clean, address any leaks or sources of excess moisture in rooms like the bathroom or laundry room, and repair and seal any cracks or gaps around doors or windows to not give spiders and other pests a fast-pass into your home as temperatures cool.

Question: Is it bad to have carved pumpkins outside?

Carved pumpkins are just an essential part of Halloween, right? This is a common question and concern for many Georgia homeowners. Pumpkins are a food source for many critters, and if those spooky decorations are sitting just outside your front door, you've basically put out the welcome mat for pests to come inside. There are things you can do to help make your pumpkins less appealing (we actually wrote a whole blog on this—read it here!), but the easiest way to celebrate spooky season is to only put your pumpkins outside on Halloween and just enjoy them inside before then.

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