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BREDA “Bug Bites” — What Georgia Homeowners Need to Know About Termites

March 15, 2022

termite extermination services in atlanta

Read some fast facts about termites

As pest professionals, we've seen insects and critters do a lot of crazy things. When they're invading our homes or terrorizing our lawns, we might not be quick to acknowledge how fascinating and intricate animal behavior and communication is, but it really is incredible to see how animals interact with their environment. Keep reading for more interesting facts about animal communication and potential nutritional value, in this month's BREDA Bug Bites!

Did you know that termites are blind and they aren't attracted to anything?

Termites just blindly forage through the ground looking for anything containing cellulose (wood) to eat. (If you missed our previous blog on signs you have termites in your home, be sure to check it out!) While wood is an easy choice for these blind worker termites, they will also chow down on anything made from cardboard and paper. Because termites will destroy anything in their path to food, BREDA believes in protecting every inch of your home from termites. This gives termites nowhere to hide and gives you peace of mind knowing that your home won't be eaten right before your eyes.

Did you know the average size of a subterranean termite colony is 300,000 termites?

For every acre of land, there could be six to thirty termite colonies present. That puts the total potential termite headcount in the millions! Georgia homeowners know to look for termite mounds in their yards, but termites can move in anywhere that's able to be tunneled. With that many mouths to feed, termites are constantly looking for the next food source to feed their massive colony. That puts things like a tree stump, a mailbox post, or your home on their menu.

Did you know a termite queen will lay one egg every 3 seconds and up to 30,000 in one day?

You just read that one colony can house an average of 300,000 termites. Now you know how they get to those numbers! Each colony only has one queen (thank goodness!) and she can live up to fifty years. So colonies can only thrive for fifty years? Not quite. Once the queen dies, the colony will create a new one to take her place, and the termite production line is back up and running.

Did you know termites' biggest enemy is ants?

Have you ever been outside on a warm day and spotted a swarm of tiny winged insects? At first, you might think the swarm is made up of flying ants. However, it's more likely you've actually spotted a swarm of termites. Termite reproducers (swarmers) are often confused for ants.

Because ants and termites both call the dirt their home, they just don't get along. To protect their own, termite colonies have soldiers whose only job is to protect the queen and the colony. However, ants often come out the champion when they battle. As with most animosity between animals, it's all about food sources. If you're curious about what a termite vs. ant battle looks like, this video from BBC Earth is fascinating.

We both offer ant control and termite control services.

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