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#AskBreda Your Spring Pest Control Questions

April 15, 2021

Photo by Michael Kropiewnicki from Pexels

We love providing Metro Atlanta homeowners with superior pest control service and top-notch information on how to combat common insects and critters in Georgia. But we also know that sometimes you just have a random question you'd love a quick answer for. So we are here to listen!

In this first edition of #AskBreda, we asked our Facebook followers to send us their pest control questions for us to answer. (If you're not following us on Facebook, click here to head over to our page and give us a follow so you can ask your question for the next #AskBreda!)

Question #1: Can bats help with outdoor insects?

Bats are prevalent insect eaters who love to munch on a lot of annoying pests like mosquitoes. Just because they're helpful doesn't mean we want them making themselves comfortable, though! Adding a bat house can provide the bats a place to shelter while they help with mosquitoes. Bat houses keep bats from roosting in our attics or on our house, which could leave you at risk to come in contact with the guano they leave behind that can cause serious respiratory problems.

Question #2: Should I be worried about cicadas this year? What kind of damage could they do?

Most likely, the only cicada damage you need to worry about is what their buzzing might do to your ear drums! Every few years, the 17-year cicada story gets recycled on our social media feeds. Did you know there is also a 13-year cicada and an annual cicada? The only difference between the three types of cicadas is the length of time the cicadas stay in the ground as nymphs. Trees are the most susceptible things in your yard to cicada damage. If you have trees you're worried about (particularly trees planted within four years of cicadas emerging), this is a great article to read for prevention tips. No one can truly predict which years are going to be worse in terms of cicadas, but the good news is that if the cicadas are out, it means no more cold weather!

Question #3: How can I get rid of black ants in my house and then keep them from coming back?

Depending on where the ants are in their structured colony, they may be seeking protein or sugar, which is why you're seeing them in your home. Make sure you are applying the correct bait. Some baits only use sugar OR protein, and it's always a good idea to provide both and see which the ants prefer. When you're setting out the ant bait, make sure your hands are clean or use nylon gloves. This will keep you from contaminating the bait and making it unappealing to the ants. If you place the bait on your countertops, make sure you don't spray any cleaner near it, as that will act as a repellent to the ants. If you're still curious about ants, we wrote a guide about how to keep ants out of your Atlanta-area home! If you need our ant control services, contact BREDA today!

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