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What You Need To Know

There are about 20,000 different species of bees in the world. Most bees live in colonies which contain the queen bee, the worker bees, and the drone. Bees see all colors except red. Their sense of smell helps them find the flowers they need to collect pollen. Pollen is a food source for bees and when they are feeding, some of the pollen is dropped in flight, resulting in cross-pollination for surrounding plant life.

There are 4,000 species of wasps in the United States. Wasps are typically most active during the day and usually return to their nests at dusk. These pests are often seen flying around during the second half of summer and early fall when the colonies search for food to sustain their queens during the winter.

We provide extermination services for bees and other pests including ant control services and mosquito extermination services.

Types of Bees



  • Actual size: 1"
  • Bumblebees are large, slow fliers with fuzzy yellow bodies. They tend to stick close to flowers and their nests. Bumblebees are extremely docile and will not attack unless threatened. Their fuzzy bodies clearly distinguish themselves from Carpenter bees. These bees feed on pollen and nectar.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee

  • Actual size: 1/4" - 1"
  • Carpenter Bees chew perfect round holes into unpainted/unfinished wood where they will provide food for 4-5 young. They are solitary and do not build hives. Males can be aggressive, but are harmless and cannot sting as they lack a stinger. Female carpenter bees do possess a stinger but seldom use it unless they are handled or provoked. These bees are a nuisance and cause significant damage to exposed wood. Pollen and nectar are their primary food source.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee

  • Actual size: 1"
  • We do not treat for honey bees. What we are concerned with in regards to honey bees is the honey from the nest. If honey bees are removed from the nest, the honey will spoil and lead to future insects. Many beekeepers will remove the bees at no charge, but you have to be careful because most will up-charge $500-$1000 for the removal of the honeycomb nest.

Quick Fact

Only female bees and wasp can sting. The "stinger" is a part of the female's reproductive design.

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“Had a great visit from Breda today! Sean came out and helped to remedy some holes, likely caused rodents, that had since been used as an entry point into our home for honey bees. Sean was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and explained in great detail what I could expect from his visit and then he and his crew carried out the job quickly. The whole experience was very pleasant and made me feel like a good job was being done. Will definitely plan to use Breda in the future!”

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