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Why Everyone in Georgia Needs Periodic Termite Inspections

August 08, 2017

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, and for good reason. Causing an estimated 5 billion dollars a year in damage, termites are absolutely devastating to homes across the globe, but their large population density in the southern United States put Georgia homeowners at high risk of infestation.

Unfortunately, due to their small size and subterranean tunnels, most homeowners aren’t made aware of a termite infestation until evidence of severe damage comes to the surface. By the time the damage is uncovered, it’s already prohibitively expensive to repair.

Luckily, homeowners do have a means of defending their property: periodic termite inspections, which can help them identify the problem early and eliminate it as quickly as possible. So why should you, as a Georgia resident, get periodic termite inspections? Here are a few reasons:

Ultimately, as a homeowner, termite inspections aren’t optional, and you’ll have to get one done on your home at some point.

If you plan on keeping your home long-term, you’ll need to get inspections done to ensure its livelihood. But even if you plan on selling it, no one will risk buying a home that might be at risk of termite infestation, so having it inspected will be a necessity. Plus, many lenders require it so that they can be sure there are no active infestations in any home they finance.

Luckily, inspections are fairly painless, with an experienced inspector able to complete the process in less than an hour. While having inspections done periodically may cost you more initially, it can save tremendous amounts in the long run, and will reward you in other ways as well.

One of the biggest advantages of having regular inspections done is the awareness you gain about the state of your home. Because they go unseen, most people don’t know about a termite infestation until it’s well underway and the damage has been done; by having the home inspected on a regular basis, you’ll be able to eliminate a termite infestation before it begins.

As an added bonus, an inspection may also alert you to other damage in your home unrelated to termites. Regardless of the source, having a trained professional inspect your home will give you a better idea of its overall structural integrity.

In addition to locating hidden areas that have been damaged by termites, regular inspections will also protect you from infestations in the future. A sufficiently-large termite colony can consume a pound of cellulose a day, resulting in catastrophic damage to the wood in your home, especially near the foundations.

This is especially important for new home buyers. Termites can get into holes as small as 1/64 inch wide, and have been known to attack new homes within days of completion, so proper protection is a must. 

Naturally, being aware of the problem and taking protective measures results in substantial savings over the life of your home. This is especially true when damage has been done to the house’s foundations, which can threaten the structural integrity of the entire home and cost thousands of dollars to repair.

While annual or bi-annual inspections may incur you more costs on the front-end, it will almost certainly save big in the long-run.

Peace of Mind
The biggest reason to get periodic termite inspections is from the peace of mind they bring you. In the best-case scenario, an inspection is performed and no evidence of termite presence is found. The inspector leaves, and you get the relief of knowing your home is safe.

But what if termites are found? Even if an inspection reveals underlying termite damage, the inspector will be able to fix some of the damage and instruct you on what steps you should take. Now you know you have a problem, but you’ll still get the reassurance that you’re on the right track toward fixing it. 

So why should you get periodic termite inspections on your home? The better question is, why wouldn’t you?

For more information about how periodic termite inspections can help your home, check out our page on termite control. And if you’re interested in learning more about termites and how to protect your home, download our free informative Ebook, The Lifecycle of a Termite Colony, and find out the warning signs that can alert you of a severe termite infestation.