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Who Is Responsible for Pest Control: Me or My Landlord?

Are you renting your home? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for pest maintenance? The answer, unfortunately, is it depends. The answer changes based on where you live, what is in your rental agreement and whether or not the pest problem was an existing problem when you moved in, or a chronic one that needs to be dealt with continuously. Who pays also depends on whether or not the problem was caused by the condition in which you keep the rental property. Let's take a look at possible scenarios to get a better picture of who is responsible for pest control at your rental by looking at the following factors:

Where You Live

Some health departments and rental laws will make it the landlord's responsibility to keep pests under control. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to discover whether you're in one of those areas. Start by talking to a local legal aid group. Try to find a group that deals with landlord-tenant laws, and then move on to your health department to see whether they have statutes in place. Some states may require landlords to provide pest maintenance.

What You Agreed to in the Contract

When you signed your lease, was there anything listed about who was responsible for pest management? Leases often have extensive legal text that many people skim over. However, it's important to read through the entire contract so you know who is responsible for what. It's fairly common to have pest management responsibilities laid out in black and white in the contract.

What Kind of Pest Problem

In some parts of the South, it's common to use routine pest maintenance during certain points of the year. It’s also typical for a landlord to contract the pest maintenance out. However, if you're looking at a home that has a heavy infestation of silverfish or roaches, you should make sure the problem is handled by the landlord before you move in. You don’t want all your possessions to become infested!
If you realize you're developing a serious issue because you've allowed debris to build upon the foundation or food has been left out to draw insects, after the lease has started, the problem might be your responsibility.
If you have a pest problem in your rental that needs to be dealt with by professionals, contact the professionals at Breda Pest today and schedule a consultation.