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Summer Pest Management Tips and Tricks


The summer heat tends to bring out pests in droves. Thankfully, while in the thick of it, you can take measures to actively reduce problem pests without negatively affecting beneficial creatures. Start your summertime to-do list now to quickly whittle down the harmful, destructive pests in your vicinity with minimal effort. When creating your list, be sure to add the four following tasks.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water provides flies, mosquitoes and other obnoxious pests a safe place to lay thousands of eggs. If left undisturbed, even the smallest vessels allow eggs to hatch and larvae to grow into full-grown pests. Mosquitoes only need one inch of standing water and their eggs don't take much time to hatch either.  Take a walk around your yard to spot buckets, bowls and lids with rainwater accumulation inside. Also, look for divots in exposed garden bed liners or blocked gutters for miniature hidden stagnant ponds. Repeat this walk weekly to dump out all of the water you find, which may prevent the bulk of the eggs from hatching.

Secure Garbage

Pests will stay close to their food source, especially if it is constantly available and extremely plentiful. Outdoor garbage cans definitely offer a constant food source to pests of all kinds when left unsecured. If possible, try to avoid leaving your trash bins directly next to your house to reduce the chance of pests entering your home after feasting on the materials in your trash can. You can keep your garbage from becoming a snack for the critters you are trying to drive away by investing in metal cans with locking lids. To ensure this system works, never leave the cans open to the elements or pests will immediately set up camp there.

Clear Away Vegetation

Pests also seek out security when looking for a place to eat and rest. When allowed to grow out of control, the vegetation around your home can provide a secure home to critters of all kinds. To drive the pests away, set up a weekly trimming, weed whacking and mowing schedule. Not only will this keep your yard looking presentable, but more importanttly, it will help limit the amount of pests that could potentially infiltrate your house. As you cut through the vegetation, everything living there will flee to safer grounds, leaving your home and yard pest free.

Reapply Caulk

Given the chance, pests will infiltrate your home in a heartbeat for a place to live that's safe from predators, temperature controlled and close to food. To keep the pests out, reapply caulk around your doors and windows once a year during the summer months. You want to apply caulk when it is dry out to keep moisture from leaking into the cracks. When applying the caulk, use a thick bead that will prevent attempts to dig or chew through that barrier.If you still feel like pests are a problem after completing your summer to-do list, consider calling in a professional to lend a hand. Professionals at Breda Pest Management use their skills, tools and knowledge to easily eliminate unwanted critters from your home and yard.