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What Does "Green" Really Mean?

The color of your grass (hopefully), the color of that horrendous car your neighbor drives, the celery you ate last night, and most importantly the new era of renewable energy. Green. In our industry the term has been thrown around without much explanation. But what really is “green” in our microcosm of entomology and pesticides?

“Green” innovation is found in almost every industry, but it has become an even greater concern in our field.

History of Environmental Mishaps

Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, more commonly known as DDT, is an insecticide that was synthesized in the 1940s. At first it was viewed as a cure all for people's insect problems, big or small. However, a growing amount of evidence proved that DDT is a harmful chemical not only for the environment, but also for humans. DDT led to a decline in the bald eagle population due to thinning eggshells. Girls exposed to DDT during puberty are also five times more likely to develop breast cancer. Other harmful side effects include male infertility, miscarriages, low birth weight, and damge to the liver and nervous systems. In 1962, Rachel Carson published her exposé, Silent Spring, which discussed the harmful effects DDT has on nature and society. The book was met with serious backlash from chemical companies such as Monsanto. However, she presented a very strong case against DDT and it was eventually banned due to its harmful side effects. Her work against the harmful effects of pesticides also paved the way for the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

After the disastrous effects of DDT and the Silent Spring of Rachel Carson, the pest control occupation has been held under a microscope. Laws and regulations have been put in place to curtail the potentially damaging effects of pesticides that some exterminators might use. Here at Breda Pest Management our technology is, in fact very green, meaning the materials we use are organically derived and leave little to no ecological footprint which could harm the environment.

Green Products

Breda uses green products that contain Diatomaceous Earth- a natural compound made from microscopic skeletal remains of diatoms. Diatoms are prehistoric plants that are now built up into deposits. This earth is powder-like and mineral based, composed of silicon, calcium, sodium, and other elements. The product is guaranteed family and pet safe and is equally as effective.

A mineral based pesticide- where’s the catch, right? There is none! The treatment is green and effective.

In the grand scheme of things, everything has a level of toxicity- from grass to chemicals to lipstick. It is our job here at Breda to provide you with safe, reliable, green pest treatment that is worth your money and protects both your family and the environment. In a world where we have to think twice about the economic and ecological impact of our decisions, our Green alternative is both sensible and reliable.

Here at Breda Pest Management, we treat everything from ants to termites using environmentally friendly "green" methods. If you currently have a pest issue or want to prepare your residence against potential pests, contact us today for a consultation.