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What Is Nuisance Wildlife?

There is a distinct reason we use the term "wildlife" when referring to non-domesticated animals. Although rodents, raccoons, and other critters may seem harmless and innocent out in the open, close encounters can be dangerous for both people and domesticated animals since these creatures are not meant to interact with humans.

Animal Encounters To Avoid

When pest control companies mention so-called nuisance wildlife, they are referring to those that are both bothersome and potentially aggressive. Ants, mice, and spiders (most but not all species) are rarely threatening to humans. The same cannot be said for opossums, for instance, which are unpredictable and best kept at a distance.

That being said, the circumstances are more dire when these creatures come into contact with people. Prevention is key and this starts with the simple yet important realization that animals follow their natural instincts. One cannot be angry or upset to find a raccoon digging through their trash when a bin is left out and full of exposed food. Squirrels and bats are also considered nuisance pests, and although the chances of being bitten are much lower than with other rodents, close encounters with these critters can be scary.

Although bats have a winged advantage, the common entry point into houses for each is through the roof. Small, unsealed gaps in the attic ceiling are enough for a squirrel to squeeze through. Inserting a durable, wire mesh screen (make sure to use a thick-gauge metal) will deter the animal in most cases. To guarantee that you do not run into any surprises, installing metal skirting around the base of nearby trees is also a good idea. Since squirrels are excellent jumpers, it is recommended that the skirting extends at least 6-7 feet up the trunk. Likewise, taking the time to trim overhanging branches or hiring a professional tree service contractor to do the job will ensure unwanted encounters are avoided. Bat prevention centers also provide assistance on installing a mesh covering over the top of chimney openings. These flying mammals often become trapped in houses after coming down the chute. Since bats can carry rabies, please contact the pest experts at Breda Pest Control for removal services.