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What Is a Wildlife Guarantee?

What Is a Wildlife Guarantee?

A Wildlife Guarantee is a type of exclusion service that helps continue your protection against pests that may enter your home. Here's how it works:

What Is an Exclusion Service?

Think of the exclusion service as a sort of warranty on pest prevention. After our follow-up when full control is declared, the Wildlife Guarantee exclusion service still applies to your home. If those pests reappear again, we'll come back and deal with it. This includes removing any animals, repairing the entry point they used, and cleaning up any mess they might have made - without incurring any extra costs. You can renew your Guarantee annually.

This sort of warranty system is useful for making sure that pests don't keep reappearing every year during a particular season. It also helps ensure no allowances are made for a different set of animals that decides to settle in your house. Neither of us want pests to keep showing back up!

Rats may find new entry points in your house that need to be taken care of.


So I can renew the Guarantee if I want to?

Yes. The Guarantee is designed to last a lifetime if necessary, but it must be renewed annually. We will send you a notification when the Guarantee is ready to expire and explain your options for renewal. We cannot stop wildlife from chewing a new entry point or burrowing under the foundation. But, under our guarantee, you won't be up-charged.

What sort of animals does the Guarantee affect in particular?

The Guarantee is specifically designed to apply to wildlife like rodents, squirrels and bats. However if you have a particular question about another animal just let us know.

What exactly is guaranteed?

Any past and future entry points. That means that if a rat chews a new hole into your home, we'll take care of it even if that hole wasn't there during our original pest prevention activities.

What happens if someone else hired Breda and received the Guarantee?

The Guarantee is transferrable, which means that it can apply to the property even if there is a new owner. This may be useful if you inherit a house or are selling and want to make sure that the warranty stays in place for the new owners as part of the purchase agreement. For more specific details, contact us and we'll help you figure out the right solution!