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What Are Squirrels Doing in My Attic?

August 28, 2018

Something making a ruckus overhead? It might not be your kids this time. Scurrying, scratching, and jumping… definitely not usual sounds of children.

You might have an intruder!

But don't worry it's probably not a human intruder, so they probably mean you no harm.

Chances are if there are noises coming from your attic, there are probably squirrels up there.

Why Are They Up There?

Squirrels are abundant in the wild, and their large numbers cannot be supported in an industrialized world. This means that they often take shelter, or believe your home is an extension of theirs. The warmth of your attic is very alluring to chilly squirrels in the winter.

What Are They Doing Up There?

Your attic is the ideal place for squirrels to build a life for themselves. They have places to hide their food, build a nest, remain protected from their predators, and reproduce.

Are They Dangerous?

Squirrels aren't inherently aggressive or mean. They don't want any trouble, but they will defend themselves, their nests, their young, and their food.

Squirrels also love to gnaw on wires in your attic. This can be very dangerous because gnawed wire can cause an electrical fire.

Squirrels can gnaw through nearly anything. They could cause damage to your vents, chimney, insulation, and wooden support beams. This can threaten the structural stability of your home.

Squirrels could also destroy your yard when searching and foraging for food.

Although squirrels are cute, they are still wild pests. Like other pests, they can carry disease. Squirrels carry many diseases that humans can catch including:

• Salmonellosis
• Lyme Disease
• Tularemia
• Leptospirosis
• Rabies

How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

There are many ways to approach a squirrel infestation in your attic:

Try to encourage the squirrels to leave on their own. Be the worst neighbor they have ever had to live by. Play loud music, keep the lights on, or do anything you can to disturb them. Make your attic a place that they do not want to stay, or do not feel safe staying in.

Use traps. This can be a very dangerous act, so we recommend not attempting this on your own. There are many kinds of traps. Body-grip traps work like a mouse trap, and squash the squirrel as it enters. If you're looking for traps that do not harm squirrels, you may consider using live cage traps. Live cage traps do not harm the squirrels; you simply trap them and relocate them away from your home. One-way exclusion doors are another effective method of trapping squirrels. It provides them one way in, and no way out.

After you have removed the squirrels from your attic you need to prevent them from getting back in again. This means you need to inspect your home for any damaged roofing, or entry points. Repair and seal up any entry points. You might also consider trimming overgrown trees and shrubs that may be providing squirrels with easy access to your roof.

Who Can Help?

Dealing with squirrels can be very dangerous, so we recommend putting your problem in the hands of a pest control professional. This is the safest and most effective means of treating a squirrel problem.

Breda Pest Management has been servicing the metro-Atlanta area since 1975. You can expect us to take care of your problem in a humane and effective way. We will walk you through our process and cover any damage pests do to our work. Schedule a service or request a free consultation, contact us at 770-466-6700.