a tree in front of a house

Wasp Prevention

Wasps are considered to be beneficial insects by most gardeners because they prey on grubs and other smaller insects that invade gardens. However, they do sting both humans and pets and tend to be quite aggressive, especially when it comes to protecting the territory where their nests are set up. The following suggestions will help you prevent wasps from establishing a permanent presence on your property.

Seal Cracks

Wasps like to build their nests in the cracks of houses. Once these papery habitats are in place, a whole swarm of wasps can move in within a brief period of time. Examine the exterior of your house to make sure there are no cracks for wasps to exploit. Don't forget to inspect high areas like your soffit corners, fascias, and rafters. Seal any cracks that you find with a quality all-weather sealant. Perform a regular inspection once or twice a year or after any major weather occurrence like a big storm or prolonged rain.

Keep Your Property Clean

Wasps forage for food. Thus, open trash cans and any food items left in outdoor eating areas will attract them. Keep your garbage cans securely covered and make it a habit not to leave any type of food out in the open for an extended period of time.

Use Nature to Repel Wasps

There are some plants that wasps tend to avoid. Plant enough wormwood shrubs in your property and you can enjoy a wasp-free area. Keep in mind, however, that this plant contains a natural form of absinthe. This is a water-soluble poison that can wash off leaves during rain and may kill surrounding small plants. You will be better off planting mint. An aromatic and attractive herb, it not only repels wasps, but also tastes great when added to soup, fish or tea. It is best to keep mint potted as it can take over an entire garden when left to grow unchecked. Call Breda Pest Management right away if you need help dealing with a pesky wasp population or any other type of insect infestation on your property. We make use of the latest pest detection and pest control technology to give you and your family a safe, comfortable and insect-free environment.