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Tips to Preparing for Mosquito Season

The lifespan of a mosquito is only about a week to three weeks at the most, and most of it is spent in the water. However, for the short amount of time they're on land, they can create a big nuisance for us humans. While a mosquito bite can be itchy and uncomfortable, some mosquitoes pose an even greater danger if they carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus or the Zika Virus. Atlanta's hot, humid weather is perfect for mosquitoes. However, these bugs can make being outside for any period of time virtually impossible and uterly miserable for Georgia residents. Although summer is still a little ways off, mosquito season has already arrived. For Georgia, it begins in March and lasts through October. So, what can you do to make this season different than last and help your family reclaim the outdoors? We'll help you get back in control.

Zeroing in on Mosquito Rest Stops

Since mosquitos can't fly very far in one stretch, they are often stopping to rest. We will survey your property and treat all of these "rest stops." We will also advise you of some easy steps that you as a homeowner can do so that you don't unintentionally roll out the welcome mat for mosquitos.For example, mosquitos are particularly attracted to standing water to lay their eggs. This can include everything from your dog's outside water bowl to puddles after a Georgia rain to bird baths to gutters that don't properly drain. As a homeowner, it is important to periodically scan your backyard and empty out these potential breeding grounds. Mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time and only need an inch of standing water to hold their egg "rafts" so it is important to stay diligent in mosquito prevention. We don't just apply one treatment and leave. We treat your property each month during mosquito season to help ensure that mosquitoes don't return.

Pesticides Don't Have to Endanger Humans or Pets

At Breda, we believe that pest control shouldn't have to harm the environment or humans and their pets. That's why we use a natural, mineral-based pesticide called diatomaceous earth (DE). It's safe for humans, their companion animals and even honeybees. As pollinators, honeybees are vitally important to the world's eocsystem and food supply. As many of our readers may know, there has been growing concern in recent years that they are disappearing. All of our customers can be rest assured that using Breda's pest control services will not add to this ever growing issue of declining honeybee populations.

We help people throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area rid their homes of all types of pests from termites to rodents. However, we specialize in mosquito control. Before mosquitoes have a chance to dampen another summer of fun and outdoor activities for you and your family, call or contact us online today to arrange a free consultation. We are so confident in our service that we back it up with a lifetime guarantee.