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The Good Bugs: 4 Types to Keep Around This Summer

If you want to maintain a beautiful garden and lush lawn, you may want to cease the elimination of all bugs that come into your vicinity. Quite a few bugs are actually beneficial to the environment and do not pose any risk to you or your home. To prevent the culling of these insects, you must learn about their purpose, benefits and appearance. Start your journey to full insect knowledge with the following four beneficial creatures.LadybugsAdult ladybugs and their larvae actively seek out and consume plant-eating creatures, like aphids. Just a few ladybugs laying their eggs in your garden will quickly eliminate your aphid problem. Since ladybugs do not gnaw on leaves and other plant matter, your growing garden totally escapes harm once these creatures set up shop there. If you have an aphid problem, you can buy and release bulk ladybugs to purposefully seed your garden.SpidersSpiders create webs, hunting, seeking out and devouring insects and other small creatures without a second thought. Although there are a few spiders you should never try to tangle with, most will not cause you harm even if they do bite. You can protect spiders in your yard by watching for egg sacs and doing your best to leave them undisturbed. Most of the baby spiders will float away in the wind, but you can rest assured a few of the hatchlings will stick around.Praying MantisesPraying mantises are an obvious killer of any insects they can get their long front legs around. The smallest mantises eat up fleas and fruit flies, while the largest have a taste for grasshoppers and moths. If you want your mantises to stick around, skip the birdbaths and feeders, as those creatures are natural predators of these insects. Also, search the lawn for egg masses before mowing to avoid destroying the nymphs growing inside.HoneybeesHoneybees actively help spread pollen throughout your garden, which helps your plants thrive. Despite their bad reputation, the bees will go out of their way to avoid stinging you. After all, once the bee uses its stinger, the honeybee loses its life. Since honeybee populations are noticeably decreasing, it's important for all people to do their part in preserving this helpful critter. When you see a bee, resist the urge to squish it. Instead, watch in awe as it performs its daily pollen collection tasks unhindered.If you cannot tell if a bug is beneficial or not, consider calling your local pest control expert for assistance. All of the professionals at Breda Pest Management are well-versed in identifying bugs and helping create a suitable elimination plan when necessary.