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The Dangers of Having Squirrels in Your Attic

August 06, 2018

Are you hearing scratching, scurrying, and weird noises coming from your attic? You're not going nuts, but there might be some in your attic. Those noises are probably coming from squirrels. Sounds cute, right? Those little fluffy tailed creatures making a home out of your home is more dangerous than you may think.

The Dangers Squirrels Pose

Still on the squirrels' side? Think you might be ok with leasing out your attic to these critters rent free? Well here are some ways they are posing threats to your home and wellbeing, we hope this changes your mind.

Wiring: There are lots of essential wires in your attic that squirrels will love to chew on. Like any other rodents, their front teeth are constantly growing and they are looking for objects to grind them down. This means bad news for your wiring, siding, and wood. Squirrels chewing on your wires could even cause a fire in your attic.

Exterior: Squirrels have to get in from somewhere. This means that they probably did some exterior damage to your home to find their way inside. Gnawing on your siding, or chewing holes around the outside of the attic. The longer that squirrels live in your attic the more holes they will chew. With the outside of your home exposed and damaged, you are much more vulnerable to damage from water leaks and flooding.

Insulation: You know all that fluffy pink stuff in your attic? It's really important! The insulation in your attic is crucial in temperature regulation in your home. It helps block heat from entering during the warmer months, and holds heat in during the colder months. This saves you money on energy bills and keeps you feeling more comfortable in your home. If squirrels get in your attic they will urinate and defecate on your insulation ruining it and requiring it to be replaced.

Odors and Eyesores: It might come as a surprise, but copious urination and defecation building up in your attic and being absorbed by your insulation does not smell good! Your house will smell like squirrel excrement, and they will leave stains all over your attic floor which can be very expensive to clean. Squirrels can also get trapped or fall into your walls and die, which will also cause an awful smell in your home.

Health: Decomposing squirrel bodies, or rotting excrement can cause lots of health hazards to your family. Squirrel droppings can cause salmonella, and decomposing animals can spread disease and encourage infestation of more repulsive pests.

How and Why They Want to Get In

Your house is great, that's why you chose to live there, so it should come as no surprise that animals are trying to break in. But what are they really using your home for?

Your attic is a great place for squirrels to reproduce. They have litters of babies twice a year, and need a nice sheltered place to nest.

Squirrels commonly enter your attic through:

· Gutters

· Construction gaps

· Chewing through weak areas

· Vents

· Roof edges

· Plumbing mats

· Chimneys

How to Get Rid of Them

There are many ways to get rid of squirrels. The most humane way to do so would be capture them in squirrel traps and then relocate them to an area far away from your home. Trapping, and removing squirrels from your attic can be a scary and daunting task, so it is best to just put your problem in the hands of a pest control company.

Breda Pest Management has been servicing the metro-Atlanta area since 1975. You can expect us to take care of your problem in a humane and effective way. We will walk you through our process and cover any damage pests do to our work. To schedule a service or request a free consultation contact us at (770) 466-6700.