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The Cost of Repairing Termite Damage in Georgia

August 12, 2018

We know how harmful termites can be. If they are not treated immediately, they will wreak havoc and could cause detrimental and expensive damage to your home. On top of spending money to repair the damage that the termites have done, you also have to spend more money to get them treated. It might seem overwhelming at first, so this guide is here to let you know what you should expect to have to spend on treating your termites.

Termites can be silent destroyers. They can burrow into your walls, and be eating away at your home, or other structures, for months before you even notice them. The longer that they are left untreated, the more damage that will be done to your home. Americans spend five billion dollars in termite damage annually.

Visible signs to look for to know if there is any termite activity in your home:

Earthen Packing
Soldier termites working inside timber usually produce a mud-like earthen packing. This packing is generally seen around foundation walls or at the joints of structures. This is the most common notifiable sign of a termite infestation.

Termite Shelter Tubes
These tubes are commonly found on ground crossing barriers near walls or foundations. They are used to protect the termites from environmental threats and predators. It also provides them a perfect habitat to reproduce and store food.

Subterranean Tunnels
Subterranean termites make tunnels that for the search and transport of food. These tunnels are usually found in soil, and may even go up to 20 centimeters deep.

Blowholes in Trees
Termites are commonly found forming their colonies in the trunks of trees, or in the roots. An easy way to test for termites in wood, is to listen for a hollow sound.

There may be audible termite sounds in heavy activity areas. Unfortunately, if you hear these noises, you probably already have a very severe termite infestation, that likely will cost you a lot of money.

Termites are a living creature just like you and me. So like all living creatures, they eat and excrete. You may notice termite excrement, also known as frass, near the entry point of the termites. They look like tiny pellets, and are usually a strong sign that there are termites in or around your home.

As a part of their reproductive process, termites fly around and look for places to build a new colony. If you notice discarded or dried up wings nearby, inspect for termites immediately.

Altered Wood
If you notice any discoloration, sagging, holes, or any other change to wood in or around your home, it may be caused by termites. They can burrow and eat their way through most untreated wood, so noticing any affected or dead wood should raise a red flag.

If you notice any of these signs in or around your home you should immediately call for an inspection and start to estimate how much damage you think you may have.

Depending on the amount of damage and type of treatment you use, your prices will fluctuate. On the low side, you're looking at around $430 for just DIY bait treatment; on the higher end you're looking at $2,500-$3,500 for fumigation, maintenance, and monitoring stations.

The national average for inspection and termite treatment in a full 2,520 sq.ft. house is $1.300-$1,500.

Here are the prices you should expect for repairing termite damage in Georgia:

Basic repair of damaged structures (repairing basic structures by cutting out, removing, disposing of damaged material, cleaning and repairing where necessary, and patching surface material): on the low end will cost $235, and on the high end cost $573.

Basic repair supplies (the cost of materials and equipment necessary to repair the damage in your home): on the low end will cost $64, and on the high end will cost $73.

This means that the average cost to repair per structure in Georgia on the low end is $299.62, and on the high end $645.98.

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