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The Benefits of Using Green Pest Control

As a long-time Atlanta pest control company, we have learned that the key components of any effective pest control service are prevention and exclusion. The concept is simple enough — if pests can be prevented from entering your home, the need for treatment to control their proliferation will be greatly reduced or eliminated. 

For both prevention and exclusion, there are environmentally friendly solutions that can be applied for successful pest control. 

Green Prevention

By taking simple steps to remedy the areas around your home that attract pests, you can diminish the need for pest control treatments significantly. 

  • Seal and plug cracks and holes in your home's foundation and exterior sections. This includes gaps around windows and doors (including doors and windows in often-ignored areas like the basement or the patio) as well as breaks along your eaves, rafters, and soffits. 
  • Repairing or replacing old and torn screens will also prevent pests from entering your house. 
  • Make sure any surrounding greenery or landscaping is regularly trimmed away from the exterior areas of your house. 
  • Always keep trash in garbage containers with secure lids so pests and insects are not attracted to an easy food source. 
  • Do not leave open water containers outside. 

Green Exclusion

If despite your best efforts, pests and bugs still infiltrate your home, Breda Pest Management can employ environmentally friendly pest control solutions to rid your property of any unwanted pests. Our products are made from Diatomaceous Earth (DE), a naturally occurring mineral compound from the microscopic skeletal remains of algae-like plants called diatoms. 

It is completely harmless to humans and pets and 100 percent effective as part of a multi-pronged pest control program. Because it is an all-natural substance, DE will not harm or poison the environment in any way. Using it to eliminate pests from your residential or business environment protects your property and safeguards the environment at the same time. 


The benefits of green pest control are clear. By reducing the impact of our actions to our surroundings, we help build a safer environment for future generations. We also protect ourselves from the various side effects of typical pest control substances and chemicals that threaten our health and well-being. 

As Atlanta exterminators, we offer a wide range of earth-friendly and long-lasting pest control services. We take our responsibility to our customers and to the environment seriously. Our products and services are technologically advanced to offer effective bug control without damaging or endangering the earth. 

Schedule a pest and termite inspection with us today. Let us protect your home or business from destructive pests and give your family and business associates a safe, healthy and earth-friendly indoor environment.