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Termatrac is Changing the Bug Game

Termites are far more than a nuisance. They work almost silently and go undetected for long time periods. The amount of hidden damage they have done is often costly - but also, mostly preventable. Atlanta is one of the most seriously impacted urban and suburban areas in Georgia. Homeowners choose Breda Pest Management as their go-to pest control service.

Signs Your Home May Be Infested by Termites

If any of the following situations seem to affect you, call Breda Pest Management at 770-466-6700.

  1. You see frass. Frass is what termite droppings are called. They appear as wood-colored droppings.
  2. Your paint is cracked or distorted on wood surfaces. When termites swarm, they can enter your home through small cracks, often smaller than a dime.
  3. There are mud tubes on the wall outside your home.
  4. The interior wood of your home sounds hollow.
  5. You see swarms of termites or find groups of discarded wings.

Termite Inspection

For more than 40 years, Breda has used the latest technology to determine if your home has a termite problem. The newest technology in their armory for termite detection is the Termatrac T3i. What makes the Termatrac T3i so special is its non-intrusiveness. The technology finds termite nests using a radar, a remote thermal sensor and a remote moisture sensor. The T3i also has data storage and analysis capability, too.The device can correctly find, confirm and keep track of the manifestation of termites while locating nests, entry points and mud-leads. The amazing results allow for treating only those parts of your home that need it. This is less costly than treating all areas of your home.

Termite Destruction and Control
At Breda, our weapon of choice is the Termidor. Besides being extremely effective, the Termidor is a more sustainable treatment tool as it uses just half the water other termiticides use. Other termite treatment applications require more digging and drilling. For termite and all pest management services, make Breda your pest control management company. Schedule a consultation today.