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Taking Control of a Mosquito Problem

Do you have a mosquito problem in your home? At best, mosquitoes are an uncomfortable nuisance. At worst, they are a serious health hazard carrying diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika, and more. With over 150 species in the United States, mosquitoes are an unavoidable part of outdoor life. But you can limit them in your yard, helping you enjoy an itch-free summer.

Understanding How Mosquitoes Live and Reproduce

Controlling mosquitoes starts with understanding them, including knowing what they eat. While female mosquitoes rely on blood to reproduce, male mosquitoes actually feed on plant nectar and dont even bite mammals for blood. Female mosquitoes find their targets by detecting skin odor and carbon dioxide. 

Next, you should understand their behavior. Mosquitoes do not like heat so they will rest in shady spots during hot summer days. When the temperatures start to drop in the evening, the females start searching for blood to drink from humans and animals alike. Mosquitoes have four life stages and a lifespan anywhere from one week to one month, depending on the temperature and the species of mosquito. The first three life stages, egg, larva and pupa, take place in water. Once out of the water phase, mosquitoes begin to fly. However, they do not fly very well and therefore must rest every hundred feet or so. It is also important to note that mosquitoes are active from March until October, so you know when to be most mindful of them.

How to Control Mosquitoes

To control mosquitoes, start with removing anything that is attracting or encouraging them to breed, such as standing water. Mosquitoes only need one inch of standing water to lay eggs and breed, so be diligent in emptying standing water around your home. Additionally, look into DIY methods of mosquito prevention, such as mosquito traps that either repel or kill mosquitoes. Smoky mosquito traps use scents that mosquitoes detest to keep them away while sticky traps lure mosquitoes in only to trap and kill them. Be proactive and take the necessary measures in your yard before it gets into mosquito season.

However, sometimes emptying out water and using home made traps is not the total solution and more measures must be taken. In these cases, you need to spray to control the mosquitoes. By spraying the areas where mosquitoes are most likely to rest, you can effectively kill them and protect your yard.The key to doing this effectively is finding a spray that is safe enough to use in your yard so your family and pets alike can enjoy the outdoors. When buying a mosquito spray, something also to be cognizant of is whether or not the spray negatively affects the local honeybee population. Breda Pest Management has a safe, effective mosquito control solution that will protect bees while destroying your mosquito population. Contact Breda Pest Management today, and be ready to enjoy summer without the problem of mosquitoes.