a tree in front of a house

Stink Bugs Invade Georgia

Here is a stink bug.

Stink bugs are one of the peskiest bugs to remove. These bugs are found in 40 states and cause millions of dollars in damages to crops every year. They earn their name from their tendency to release a vulgar odor when disturbed. They are not known to physically harm humans, but their tendency to invade homes, especially during the winter seasons, can be a nuisance.

Here is a stink bug. Stink bugs do not invade our homes just to make them stinky. Rather, Stink bugs enter homes while looking for overwintering sites in the late fall to shelter from the cold weather. When spring comes around, they become sexually active and sometimes congregate on the sides of buildings. Furthermore, adult stink bugs feed on fruit and vegetable crops- yet another reason to add them to the list of highly annoying pests.

If your house is infested with stink bugs, you already know how difficult it is to get rid of them without disaster ensuing. Fortunately, we offer a quarterly pest control program, "Green" Pest Control as well as one-time services. Breda offers services to eradicate existing stink bug populations without triggering the defense mechanism.  We use 100% natural products on the inside of the home and focus on I.P.M. (integrated pest management). Our main method of treatment involves MotherEarth PY, a natural pyrethroid made from Chrysanthemum plants.