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Squirrely Business: How These Rodents Can Ruin Your Home

People tend to have a love-hate relationship with squirrels. As personified by everyone's favorite cartoon squirrel from Ice Age, these rodents can be both adorable and hilarious. The problem is they can also be annoying and extremely destructive when they enter your home. Though it's harder for squirrels to get into the small spaces mice can squeeze through, squirrels can be much more destructive once they gain access.

3 Ways Squirrels Ruin Your Home

  1. Hiding. Squirrel infestations can be difficult to spot. These clever acrobats are great at finding quiet places to hunker down for winter. Typically found in your attic or garage, squirrels will find a quiet spot behind last year's bags of mulch or grandma's old steamer trunk. Once they've found a place to call home, they'll seek out items that would make a comfortable nest (whether it's the peat moss that it then scatters everywhere or the heirloom baptism gown you were holding onto for the next generation).
  2. Running. Squirrels are very fast, making it difficult to get them out of your home. Just when you think you have one cornered, another jumps up, climbs the drapes, crosses the curtain rod and disappears into the ductwork. Some squirrels make moves that will leave the Mission: Impossible theme song running through your head. Even once you do have one solidly cornered, you'll have to watch out for biting. That's right, squirrels tend to bite - hard. Plus, they carry diseases that often lead to an uncomfortable series of shots. This is one of the reasons so many people leave squirrel removal to the pros.
  3. Chewing. Chewing is by far the most destructive habit squirrels haveā€”as the habit keeps their teeth worn down to a usable level. Squirrels can tear up your clothing, your trim and your sanity. What's worse? Sometimes squirrels start chewing up your wiring. Once they work through your home's electrical wiring, they're likely to cause a short. Shorts can cause fires, and thus can cost you much more than a simple pest removal visit.

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