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Why Pests Are Suddenly Showing Up

Maybe it's an unseasonably nice day and you suddenly notice ants marching across the kitchen floor, or a swarm of stink bugs descending on your bathroom sink. What's going on?

Insect invaders are just like people. A warm, sunny day in the middle of winter triggers their natural instincts to wake up and get going. They're looking for food, shelter, water, and mates. Unfortunately, they've found a way into your home. Here's why:

1) Weather:

Sudden warm spells in the middle of winter can trigger a swarm. Temperature affects stink bugs, ants, and termites, for example. Insects, rodents and snakes may all seek shelter in the fall from the cold winter weather. Your home offers all the good things they want!

2) Opportunity:

All types of pests seek food, warmth, shelter, and water. Cracks, crevices, and entry points in your home offer an opportunity to escape the outdoors. Box elder beetles, western conifer seed bugs, stink bugs, and cluster flies are a few common pests that can suddenly show up inside your home.

3) Disruption:

Any time there is a disruption to a living creature's habitat, it will seek new shelter. Chicago residents faced a rodent swarm when an old hospital was torn down. Other neighborhoods have seen similar infestations. Habitat disruptions can force critters to find new homes. Unfortunately, that may be in your home.

4) Normal life cycle:

Pests sometimes enter homes just because it's become a part of their natural life cycle. Termites swarm from indoor or outdoor nesting sites several times a year, seeking new places to live.

5) Accidental tourists:

Unwanted visitors like bugs can also travel into your home as accidental tourists. One spoiled bag of flour or dog food can contain hundreds of pantry moth larvae. If you put the bag unopened into your cupboard, they can pupate and spread as moths throughout your home before you know it. The same thing can happen with cockroaches and other insects.

Rid Your Home of Unwanted Pests

If you're suddenly seeing pests in your home, don't panic. Take a look around, try to figure out what you're dealing with and think about how those pesky pests might have gained entry. Use a vacuum to suck up the pests and release them outside. This method is much more effective than swatting them and leaving lots of stains on furniture and walls, or spraying which can be ineffective on semi-dormant insects.

If you have pests in your home, request a free consultation with Breda to get a customized solution to your problem.