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On-Hand Products Recommended to All Homeowners



Cool weather is in the air and food sources for pests are starting to dry up. This means many pests will view your home as a possible haven for the winter. How do you keep them under control before you can get a professional to treat your home for the season? Here are some of the best products to keep on-hand to deal with day-to-day infestations. These will help you keep things under control until the professionals arrive:

Ant and Roach Bait

You may be wondering: how can bait be more helpful than sprays or foggers? it's more helpful because the ants and roaches you see are only a small part of the total population. You'll want to use ant or roach bait that they'll either take back to the nest or eat before returning to the nest. This is because the bait will help wipe out not only the few insects you do see, but also a lot of ones you don't see. Put the bait where you see pests entering your home. In addition, put it in another room to ensure the pests stumble across it.

Mouse Traps

There are several different mechanical mouse traps on the market. However, some are much easier to use and less likely to snap your fingers if they aren't set quite right. This is a big plus if you have small children or pets that may be able to get at the traps when you're not looking. You may be wondering, why not use mouse poison?  One of the most common mouse poisons, Warfarin, doesn't always kill right away. Also, when you leave poison—you risk of the neighborhood cat eating it and becoming poisoned as well. Nursing a cat through warfarin poisoning isn't fun – so stick with mechanical traps that have safety features.

Fly Swatters

Sometimes there's nothing more effective than a fly swatter. If you're having a hard time getting the flies before they fly off, try using a snapping motion from about 12-24" away. If you come across particularly troublesome flies, swat them against your floor. Make sure to go after them when they don't have enough room to take flight readily.

Natural Alternatives

Want to try something a little greener? Borax mixed with flour or cocoa helps get rid of some crawling insects. In addition, vinegar does a great job of disguising an ant trail. Another option is to look at Diatomaceous Earth, which cuts the skin of crawling insects—and thus, makes them dry out. Cornmeal is also an effective way to get rid of ants. Place small piles in places where ants normally appear on your property and they will take it back to their nest to eat. However, they can't properly digest cornmeal and will die. Flies hate eucalyptus oil and will be killed immediately if they come into contact with it. The unusual aroma confuses flies and they view it as hazardous and stay away. Place a washcloth with eucalyptus oil on it and flies should avoid the area. The war on bugs is never easy—but with these tools at hand, you can win the day. If you have a more serious infestation or don't have the time to take care of the bug problem at your home, contact Breda Pest Management today.