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Is That Scratching Noise in Your Attic a Squirrel?

The phrase "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" derives from squirrels. Though these cute, furry, bushy-tailed critters may be harmless and sometimes entertaining, squirrels do not belong inside homes.Unsecured attics and rooftops make for vulnerable entry points, not to mention safe havens for a squirrel seeking shelter. Do not let your house become a breeding ground for these creatures. Chances are, if one is currently in the attic, it will not take long for you to find out. Proper pest identification is needed to ensure safe removal, so pay attention to the sights and sounds that are coming from above.How to Identify Your Attic InvadersA squirrel's relatively large size makes it more easily detectable by us humans, especially when it is scampering around inside your attic. Like us, these critters are active during the daytime hours and dormant at night. The scurrying of feet (usually accompanied by scratching and clawing) is generally most prominent at dawn and dusk, so listen closely for any potential sounds of a disturbance.Within a few days of living in your attic, the squirrel will have urinated and defecated multiple times. This is only natural for wild animals, but it may take awhile for you to notice the smell. In addition to producing an extremely foul odor, squirrel excrement is known to be laden with harmful bacteria that can be incredibly dangerous to those in the immediate vicinity if it becomes airborne. Worst-case scenario, the rotting corpse of a dead animal will trigger a noticeable stench in the home, which can unfortunately take some to dissipate.You may need to perform some homeowner detective work to positively identify the invasive species, and that means laying a piece of cardboard covered in flour (baby powder works just as well) near the suspected entry points. Squirrel tracks closely mimic that of rabbits and also resemble the outline a human hand skeleton. Nests and droppings are also clear identifiers that you have a squirrel problem.The pest control specialists at Breda Pest have removed hundreds of different wild animals, including squirrels, from homes. Do not run the risk of getting bit by a potentially sick animal. Call your local pest control experts for assistance today.