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If There are Bugs in Your Garage, Do You Have a Bigger Problem?

Sure, there are bugs in your garage, but that's not a big deal. After all, it's not like they're in the house, right? Wrong! Though a few bugs in your garage may not seem like a big deal, they can be a sign that trouble is brewing. Here are some reasons why you need to control bugs in your garage:

Reasons to Control Bugs in Your Garage

  1. Your garage is a portal into your home. If you were to remove the threshold to your front door or had holes in your window screens, you'd be worried about bugs getting into your home, right? Your garage is no different. The doors and cracks leading from your garage to your home's interior are not as tightly secured as front doors, so bugs in your garage can quickly become bugs in your home.
  2. You don't see all the bugs that are there. Bugs tend to like to hide in dark, damp places. Because your garage has a variety of spaces that bugs can hide in, there are many bugs that are hidden in places you can't get access. These places could be cracks in your foundation or spaces that weren't properly sealed behind the baseboards.
  3. You store things bugs like in your garage. Whether it's the pots from your plants, the damp places where the rain has blown in under the door or the pet food bin that doesn't completely seal—your garage can be a haven for bugs, providing them with shelter, moisture and food. Even worse, the garage provides them with protection against natural predators such as frogs, birds and other insect-eating animals.
  4. Your garage can provide a safe haven for bugs when other treatments are taking place. When the rest of your home or yard is being treated, the insects in your garage form a population reserve that can then breed and spread throughout your home and yard.

Now that you know the reasons that you need to keep bugs out of your garage to keep them out of your home, it's time to take action. There are some measures that you can take as a homeowner to reduce the number of pests that live inside of your garage. You can start by doing a complete clean out of the garage. This will give you an opportunity to spot bugs as well as eliminate any potential food sources for them. Afterward, organize your garage in a neat manner that doesn't allow for bugs to hide in dark, damp spaces. Taking away dwelling places will help keep bugs away in the future. Also, make sure not to put any food sources back into the garage. If you have to put something like a grill or a trashcan in your garage, make sure that they have been cleaned and/or sealed. However, sometimes DIY methods are not enough. Breda Pest Management has been serving our Atlanta area clients for over 40 years, and we're ready to provide you with the same exceptional service that has grown our business. Please contact us today with any questions, for more information or to schedule an appointment.