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How to Protect Your Pets from Wildlife

Every encounter with wildlife should be approached with caution and handled with care, particularly when contact is made with your pet. While us humans are aware of the dangers associated with interacting with a wild animal, dogs and cats possess the same natural instinct as their non-domesticated brethren. A mix-up between Fido and a pesky raccoon or squirrel can quickly turn into a hazardous fiasco. Make the smart, safe decision of hiring a pest control company to deal with wildlife encounters on your premises. It is unfortunate that many pet owners respond to these situations with unnecessary force, which often leads to serious injury or death on the part of the strayed wildlife. There are a number of steps you can take to avoid any possibility of a confrontation between your furry friend and a wild animal.

A Guide to Pet Protection

Although it is not humane to keep them boarded up constantly, the only surefire way to minimize the chance of an unexpected encounter with a wild animal is to limit the time your pet is outside. If your yard is unguarded (via a fence or other separating structure), it would be wise to monitor him or her when they go outdoors. Never leave a dog outdoors overnight, and do what you can to keep tabs on your cats. Exposed food is the No. 1 reason raccoons, opossums and other critters are drawn to residential and commercial properties. All animals have a highly developed sense of smell, so keep garbage can lids secure, and make sure your pet's food and water dishes are kept indoors. If you must feed them outside, remember to bring the dishes back in before dusk. Ideally, you should store garbage bins in a protected environment, such as a garage or shed. Shelter is the second reason wildlife will venture onto your property, so do not be surprised to find creatures nesting under your open deck. Install metal netting or crosshatching to prevent unauthorized animal intrusions, and always consult a pest control contractor to remove any trapped wildlife. There is no guarantee that your pet will never have an encounter with a squirrel, mouse or rabbit, so it is in your and their best interest to keep them up-to-date on their vaccinations. Rabies is a fatal disease that kills many pets every year and is not something you want to deal with. Call the pest control experts at Breda Pest today to learn more about our wildlife removal services.