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Housework You Can Do to Prevent the Pests from Entering

In the war on pests, there are many small things that can be done to help keep pests from entering the home. Here's a good look at several different methods that will help keep homes comfortable and pest-free.

Indoor Housekeeping and Repairs

  • Don't make homes a haven for pests. Clean up any food or drink spills to prevent an infestation of pests looking for a meal. Take care of any moisture problems that create a water source for insects.
  • Break the trail. Ants are particularly good at following scent trails to whatever goodies the previous ant found. Use a little vinegar or unsweetened mint tea to mop over their trails and sow confusion in the ranks.
  • Keep pets clean. A pet is a great way for insects to hitch a ride into the home undetected. Keep pets treated for fleas, ticks, and similar pests to keep the bugs out of the home. If you don't like chemical treatments, try adding a couple drops of lavender, eucalyptus or rosemary essential oil to the pet's scruff for them to groom in. Bonus: Fido smells much better.
  • Freeze to prevent weevils. Because these pests hitchhike inside groceries, it's important to freeze dry goods such as flour, grains, beans, pasta and similar long-term storage items for a couple days, then store them in airtight containers.

Outdoor Maintenance and Repairs

  • Dim entryway lights. Many insects are drawn to light, so using a diffuser to spread out the light and using a lower-powered bulb helps keep them away from the easy-access entryways.
  • Don't give them a home at the foundation. Allowing litter debris to remain around the home's foundation gives pests an inviting place to hang out as they make ready to attack a home's interior.
  • Seal it up. If any of the home's screens with holes in them, patch them. If there are cracks in the roof, walls or foundation for pipes, electrical lines, and similar weak points, seal them with caulk or expanding foam.

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