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8 Places Ants Can Hide In Your House

You may be standing in your kitchen one day and spot a pesky little ant searching for food on your kitchen counter. This means they probably have some friends or family close by. Soon, where there seemed to be just one tiny ant, there are now one hundred! How did they all sneak into your home, and why did you only just find them now? As it turns out, ants have plenty of little hiding spaces in your home that you don't know about. Here are a few places to check for ants:

The Kitchen

Since tiny ants are scrounging around for food and water, you may not be surprised at all to find them in and around your kitchen. This is by far the most popular hangout for ants in your home. To prevent ants from infesting your kitchen, be diligent about cleaning up crumbs and spills. When crumbs are left all around, and food containers are left open and exposed, this invites the ants in. We recommend storing sweet food items in your home in sealed containers. Especially with honey and syrup, make sure that there is not sticky residue on the outside of the container. Be sure to regularly take the trash out from your kitchen and relocate it to outdoor trash bins. If you have over-ripened fruit in your home, ants will be attracted to the smell.

The Bathroom

Anywhere inside of your home where there is excess moisture will attract ants. The bathroom is a very common place to find ants because of all the water sources. To prevent ants in your bathroom, check to make sure there are no leaks or pooled water. One pest control method is to wipe down floors with disinfectant because the chemicals will repel the ants. Spilled or leaking shampoo bottles and body wash may also attract ants, so be sure to wipe up anything that may get spilled.

Other Hiding Places

  • If you have pets, be sure to tidy their food and water bowls because this can entice ants.
  • Ants also love to hide inside of walls.
  • If you typically eat or drink in your bedroom, ants can be attracted to these areas, too.
  • Since many social gatherings in your home that include food are located in your living room or basement, ants can be attracted here to look for any extra food that may have fallen onto the floor.
  • Ants can hide out inside or near air conditioning and heating units.
  • Ants can also live under the concrete slab of a home.

Check out these DIY tips on how to get rid of an existing ant problem. If you've moved past the point of DIY solutions, Click the button below to request a free pest control consultation.