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Eliminate Mosquito Worries This Summer: DIY’s vs. Pest Control


No one likes to sit outdoors with mosquitoes biting at full force. Mosquitoes are relentless creatures that repeatedly attempt to feed until engorged with your blood. Slapping the bugs with your hand just leaves a splatter of blood on your skin and clothes. No matter how many of the critters you slap dead, more just seem to come out of the woodwork to finish what the others started. Luckily, you can take DIY and professional measures to eliminate mosquitoes once and for all.

Minimize Breeding Grounds

Mosquitoes take full advantage of stagnant water vessels by laying all of their eggs inside. When the mosquito eggs hatch, the tiny larvae swim through the water and eat algae and bacteria until their full set of wings emerge. Flying adult mosquitoes then seek out blood meals from people and animals in the immediate area.  Mosquitoes only need an inch of standing water to lay eggs so you must be diligent and dump out all vessels of standing water on a weekly basis, if not more often. Don't forget to empty out things like bird baths, tire swings, water bowls for pets, or anything else that could collect wate for mosquitoes to lay eggs in.

Set Effective Traps

You can attempt to eliminate mosquitoes flying around your seating area using two main types of innovative DIY devices. The devices may either discourage mosquitoes from feeding or outright kill the ones that try.


The smoky trap relies on scents that mosquitoes find repulsive. This trap doesn't kill the pesky bugs but rather keeps them away due to the foul smell. Burn citronella candles or start a lightly smoldering campfire to keep the critters far from you and your guests. When using a backyard campfire, experiment with different wood types to see which ones have the best effect at deterring these annoying bugs


The sticky traps use a light layer of oil or adhesive to capture the mosquitoes, so they cannot escape. The traps use a combination of attractive odors and lighting displays to lure the mosquitoes to the trap. Once they make contact, the mosquitoes become stuck to the trap and will soon perish.  Place the traps right next to your body to lure the creatures in with promise of a meal. Swing the trap near the bugs or use fans to capture them, one by one, in your device.

Call in the Professionals

Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and call in a professional to get the job done. Professionals can use their high tech tools and years of expertise to handle large, stubborn infestations. If you do want to wait out the results of your DIY attempts or are not satisfied with your progress, go ahead and call Breda Pest Management for an appointment. Pest control experts will come to your home and immediately begin to assess the extent of the mosquito population in your immediate vicinity. The experts will help you pinpoint trouble spots to begin treatment in a methodical fashion. Upon completion of the extermination program, you will be able to sit outside, unbothered by mosquitoes, day and night.